Um did Apple Garde screw up my bag?

  1. I've used apple garde spray a million times before but I just used it on my new Rouge VIG Box and the front side of the bag is remaining much darker then the other sides and it's starting to worry me. Usually Apple Garde lightens, especially after an hour and a half. It looks completely dry to me, why is the leather staying dark?? >_< I think I'm going to be sick..
  2. How long has it been since you sprayed? I had this happen once on another brand. I must have sprayed this one spot much more than the rest. The remainder of the bag dried quickly and returned to the normal color, but this one spot stayed dark. It dried overnight, and the color returned to normal.
  3. Did you spray from a distance... or really close up? If you sprayed pretty close up.. it might take longer to dry. Can you post pics?
  4. I sprayed about 6-8 inches back. It's weird, It's tough to tell now in the light but when it's dim you can really tell and when you open the front zipper and look at the leather there, it's MUCH darker. Can it really take more then a day to completely dry? :huh:
  5. Post some pics please Candy- I'd like to see it. But I think you're right- AG doesn't take that long to dry.... :sad:
  6. I will. I may be seeing it worse than it really is. In bright light you can't tell but you get it in the shade and it's weird and noticable to me, but I'm anal. Just the photo of the inside of the zipper and the outside is very VERRY obvious. It's still lovely but I was so surprised because I didn't drain it in the stuff! And the color always went back to normal!
  7. I'm sure it will dry! When I sprayed my wallet, it took a day and a half!
  8. Did you shake shake shake the AG before spraying the alleged "darkened" part? (Was the darkened part the first thing you sprayed?)

    If it wasn't shaken before the first spray, it would have caused the consistency in the AG to be sort of weird at first.

    It usually takes less than 20 minutes for AG to dry...
  9. Yeah it was shaken. A day and a half huh? lol I dunno if it's going to lighten up. I might just have to spray the shoulder strap too if anyhting to get it to match the rest of the bag better. It's brighter too =P
  10. And you used the purple aerosol? (btw- love that stuff- keeps my bags soft and moist!)
  11. Yeah the purple spray!
  12. Hi ! I tried AG on my balenciaga, it didn't help. I used in my LV patina, it helped. How do you guys clean your balenciagas ? The sales associate in Balenciaga Hongkong told me that i should have it dry cleaned. What's your opinion ? Thanks !
  13. hmm- perhaps just that part of the leather isn't as thick and absorbed it differently?

    It's been a couple days now- did it go away?
  14. I haven't heard that one yet! I know I couldn't stand the dry cleaning chemical scent! If I had one that was horribly dirty, I think I would wipe it with one of the recommended cleaners, or throw it in the washer, like another PF'er did!!!!! Of course not on a new bag though. :heart::heart:
  15. Hi bags4fun... yeah... i agree. OF course, i don't want to risk on a brand new bag.That's why, up to now, i still haven't had my balenciaga professionally cleaned. ( But i'm super tempted ! hahaha ) Thanks !