Um, damier vernis?

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  1. Let-trade has posted a "coin bag" in blue "vernis damier". I have never seen that before, have you? :shame::confused1:
  2. wow................:shocked: ...............i have never seen this item either..........
  3. I've seen mainly bracelets in this style... I think it's gorgeous!
  4. Wow, thats news to me. It's very unique.
  5. it's from a few years ago, it's gorgeous!!
  6. I've seen this on some bags before. it's cute
  7. Yes, I love that pattern!
  8. It's really pretty. A speedy like that...yum, yum....
  9. He sold another one a few weeks ago ...I want a bag in that pattern its gorgeous :heart:
  10. I have seen it :yes: It also comes in a plum color...absolutely gorgeous line :love: I didn't like the style of the bags that came in this line though...:shrugs:

    There's always new things to learn about LV!
  11. I like the pattern, it's definitely different. I've seen a couple of wallets in the past.
  12. Too bad they were all discontinued...
  13. huh- I thought they only came in black :shame:
  14. It's a cool line. :smile: