Um...aren't these still on

  1. wow... thats interesting.. i just bought the flower w/the yellow trim and ladybug about 2 weeks ago only... so thats brand new... and the dragon fly keyfob, thats still on the coach site... well they will be wasting their money on listing fees thats for sure because no one would buy it... they are just trying to make extra $$ off people...
  2. Don't know. I know they have it at the stores and I also seen it at Macy's.
  3. The also have the small heritage tote (which sells for 258) listed at 325. This might not be a popular sentiment but I kind of almost feel like more power to them if they can get that much (although I wouldn't ever mark up anything that much). It's at least partially the buyer's responsibility to know how much an item sells for. :shrugs:
  4. WOW that's some serious markup!!!!
  5. lol they have the patent trim flower swingpack listed for $240. That's almost $100 more than retail. They obviously don't know how supply and demand works. There is more supply than demand right now.