Ulysse PM is here...and my 3,000th post!

  1. I have officially joined the Hermes family!!! The FedEx guy just brought my package from Hermes! My FIRST Hermes piece ever...a blue jean togo Ulysse PM. Pics below! My SA in Atlanta did not have this color, so it shipped from Houston but the "filler" insert is coming from Atlanta, so it should arrive tomorrow. :yahoo:

    I have been saving my 3,000th post for the arrival of this little gem...so here it is! (Whew...now I can finally start posting again!) :tender:
    UlyssePMpkg.jpg UlyssePMinsidebox.jpg UlyssePMBJtogo.jpg UlyssePMopeninside.jpg UlyssePMopenoutside.jpg
  2. YEAH ET!!! I LOVE IT!!! :yahoo: Congratulations!!:yahoo:
    So happy for you!!! And congratulations on your 3000th post! You always have something wonderful to contribute! Here is to many more Hermes purchases, and many more posts! :flowers:
  3. :yahoo: Congrats!!!! It is gorgeous!!!! :yahoo:
  4. Beautiful piece!! Congratulations~~~:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: Use it! Flaunt it!! Show it off proudly!!!:yes:
  5. Enjoy your beautiful new goodie!!!
  6. Congratulations!!!
  7. BEAUTIFUL! Enjoy and use that baby every day!!!!!
  8. I'm thinking I want (need) one of those now!

    Enjoy yours! Great color!
  9. Oh - and 3000 posts! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  10. Yea!!! Congrats on new H and 3000th Post!!!
  11. Celebrating 3000 with a bang!!!! Gorgeous! Enjoy it!
  12. Congrats on your first purchase from Hermes and on your 3,000th post!:drinks: :party:
  13. Congrats and enjoy!
  14. Congratulations! I love how you saved your 3000th post for this special delivery!
  15. Wooohooo!! Congrats!! for Ulysse PM and the 3000th post! WoW!:yahoo:
    I can feel the excitement!:nuts: