Ulysse notebook in raisin Togo

  1. I recently attended a graduation party for the daughter of a close family friend. After so much deliberation, I decided to get her a Ulysse notebook in interesting raisin color in Togo leather. What attracted me to this combination is the rich purple shade of the suede side. It reminded me of the rich color of purple yam. I have not seen the suede part of raisin Togo in either a Kelly or Birkin since these wonderful bags are mostly lined in chevre leather.

    Here are some photos I took before giving it away as a graduation present:

  2. So gorgeous! What a great gift!
  3. J - I am very much enamoured with raisin and very pleased to see the suede side. It is very beautiful. Thank you for posting. My previous experiences with it have only been lined bags so it's great to see this.

    That is a very beautiful and thoughtful gift for a graduate.
  4. Great idea of getting the Ulysee as a graduation gift. May we have a photo of this gorgeous colour in our Hermes reference section?

    I do like to feel the underside of the Togo leather. It being unlined .... is so soft and luxurious to the touch.

    I love raisin :wlae:
  5. Thanks crochetbella, Handybags, and mrssparkles. Raisin in Togo with the suede side visible is an interesting dark neutral color to have. I think it would also look nice in H bags like the Picotin. The white paper insert together with the palladium hardware makes it a wonderful accessory to look at in one's purse or desktop. Plus, it also has this pleasant aroma. I might get one for myself later on.
  6. Ohh this is lovely! I have been waiting forever for a Ulysse MM in the color I want.. I think I might have to tell my SA to add raisin to the mix :nuts:
  7. Oh, that is so beautiful! Yummy color, for sure!!
  8. Jaegerhomme,
    Do you want to come to my graduation? Better yet, skip the grad (since I'm not graduating from anything) and just bring the gift...

    You have the best taste in gift giving. Your recipient is a lucky girl...
  9. Great graduation gift! I'm sure the new graduate will get lots of use from this gorgeous agenda. The color is great :nuts:
  10. What a great gift! I love raisin and it is great to see it in this style & see the suede side! The contrast is wonderful. Thank you for sharing!
  11. What a lovely gift! I purchased a bj Ulysse for my son's girlfriend's graduation.
  12. She's quite the lucky girl! The color combo is beautiful- and such wonderfully photographed pics from you as always!
  13. Jaegerhomme, that is stunning. I hope your friends daughter loves it. :smile:
  14. Thanks for your wonderful comments pyrexia, Kallie Girl, Birkin123, Cristina, harleyNemma, Sus, ValleyOppressed, and Kelly_Birkin. The inner suede actually caught my eye more than the outer raisin color of this particular shade of Togo. I thought that it would be a great way to introduce someone to the beauty of Hermes leather. With its petite size, one can also use the notebook cover and lay it flat like a leather pad to set your jewelry or watch on top of your dresser.
  15. What a lovely grad gift, jaegerhomme! You have :tup: taste.