Ulysse notebook as daily/weekly agenda?

  1. Hi All!
    I want to buy a high-quality agenda for my first Hermes purchase. I dream someday to buy a Kelly or a JPG, but I'm not there yet... :smile:
    I have been reading up on agendas in your forum, and I really like the look of the Ulysse notebook. My question to you lovely ladies is....
    Do you use this particular piece as a weekly/daily planner? Ideally, I am looking for pages that have 1 week on two pages, so you see the whole week when the agenda is open. I have seen notebook pages for this, but no calendar pages?:confused1:
    I do not live close to a boutique...
    Those who own a Ulysse, what do you love and what would you improve?
    Thank you so much for all your help!:heart:
  2. I love my Ulysse. I have the notebook insert and use it to jot down notes, addresses/phone numbers, stuff I don't want to forget. I think it comes with another kind of insert but can't remember what it is....
    I don't think there is an agenda insert for the Ulysee.
    HTH :smile:
  3. As far as I know, the mid sized Ulyssee has photo album pages, plain pages in white or colors (or three differenc colors), and a travel insert---which has tabs and stiffer pages to journal on a trip plus three (?) pocket pages for tickets and receipts....this particular insert does not have enough pages to make it a useful daily journal type of thing.

    I have not seen agenda--date style---pages for the ulyssee. But the travel insert was new (for 2007) I believe, so perhaps something may be in the works for 2008?

    The small one, I believe has only blank pages.

    I am not sure about the largest one...perhaps a search of the threads here, and then a call to the store????

    I really have not seen any lined pages for Ulyssee agendas, other than that travel insert.

    But I do not want to discourage you----the ulyssee is a marvelous agenda cover, and I love it. I am happy every time I look at it. It may not serve as a daily journal, unless you get the big one, perhaps, but I am sure you will find a lovely niche for it. It is a great first Hermes piece!!!

    For the week at a glance style, you would likely have to bump up to the Vision II, which has the type of inserts that you are looking for. It is a bit more $$, but it is also possible to fit a checkbook in there, so it could serve two purposes....

    I hope others chime in with more information!

    Good luck and welcome!
  4. Hi
    I don't think there's an agenda insert for the Ulysse.
    It's great as a notebook though and I think there's a travel journal insert and a bragbook version as well
  5. The GM agendas have the week at a glance option for agenda fills too.
  6. There are no calendar/agenda inserts for the Ulysee. You may want to take a look at their GM agendas. They have them with zipper, w/o, etc. and on your next visit to the stores, take a look at the agenda inserts. There are several options to look at.
  7. Thanks for the tips, ladies! I looked at that agenda thread and the other agendas/notebooks, but I really just love that little snap on the front of the ulysse. Do you think paper from another agenda would fit?
  8. There isn't any calender inserts for the Ulysse, but I use the blank pages, and write down the week in 2 pages.. It works though.. I use the medium size.
  9. after looking through numerous thread i am tempted to get one as well. My very first Hermes buy.

    but would like to know if inserts from other brands can be used as replacement.