Ulysse Agenda - PLEASE HELP!!!

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm very new to Hermes, so please help me with my questions!

    I am purchasing a PM Ulysse Notebook in Blue Jean (LOVE the color!) from Hermes.com. I was wondering, members who have it, what do you use it for? As an agenda? Just to write notes? As an address book?

    I was researching more about Ulysse Notebooks on tPF and I stumbled upon this thread, where one of the members has a picture of her puppy bookmark. :heart: Do you know if Hermes boutiques sell the bookmarks? If so, how much are they?


    I know that paper refills come in different colors. Is it just one color book or you can mix and match different colors?

    Also, does Hermes make different inserts (for example, for credit cards) for this agenda? How readily are they available at Hermes boutiques?

    Overall, how do you like your Ulysse Notebook? Do you find it practical? Any info is greatly appreciated!! :yes:

    Thank you so much!
  2. i have the small one and i use it to keep notes and addresses and stuff. it's basically my scrap paper in my bag. i adore it. i use it ALL the time! its one of my favorite items.

    i think there are other inserts depending on the size i believe. i think there's a photo insert and not sure what else. have you done a search on it?

    as far as i know there are 2 different types of bookmarks- there are the cute ones in the shape of animals- that go over a page and stick out of the top like they're looking at you. those are about 140 dollars. then there is the one i just got which is basically a long leather string with what is basically a small carmencita at the end. it comes in multiple colors and lengths and has a little claw (like on a necklace) at the top to be attached to your agenda. i just got one in rose shocking to use in my vision agenda. it keeps the page i'm on. it was 75 dollars. i don't know if other lengths are different prices. seriously i adore mine. i don't know if it can be used in the ulysees- i guess it would depend on the size- but it's something to check out. super cute and not that much money (well, it is but in the grand scheme of hermes maybe not. lol)

    hope this helps. i hope someone can come along with better answers....
  3. I got the small Ulysses Notebook in Blue Jean Togo leather, and I love it. I love feeling the leather, smelling the leather, and just looking at how perfect such a little notebook can be. The paper is a joy to write on...

    Since I am a big reader, I use the notebook to keep track of books that I want to buy, books that I have on my list to read, and books that have been recommended to me.
  4. ^^^ i use mine for lists a lot of the time. i'm a list maker. who knew? lol.
  5. Thank you very much for the answers!!! I will definitely have to go to the Hermes boutique this weekend and check out what they have for a PM Ulysse. I always go crazy with agendas because they're so personal!

    Does anyone know what colors of paper they have?
  6. I'm going to try to get a PM Ulysse in Blue Jean on my first boutique visit! :yahoo:
  7. I Have Two ~ They Are Wonderful. I Use My Black Ulysee For Notes & My Blue Jean I Have The Photo Inserts...So, It's My "Brag Book."