Ulysee color question?

  1. My next Hermes piece is going to be a Ulysee agenda but I am having a tough time deciding on a color. I thought I would ask all you experts because DH is getting tired of me asking him I think. :lol:
    All of my current accessories are burgundy/wine. What color agenda do you think would look the best? Should I get something similar in color or go with something completely different? :flowers:
  2. Hmmmmm.....maybe Raisen? Or Chocolate? How about Potiron? My Vision Agenda is Lilac, a color I've never owned in anything and I just LOVE it! Every time I take it out of my purse (and I can really see that puppy in there!) I smile!
  3. I was thinking potiron too. :biggrin: Or chocolate would go with everything...So hard to decide. :lol:
  4. I say Potiron, orange, Rouge Hermes or chocolate
  5. Vert anis for a change!
  6. Thanks Greentea & Shoes! Wow, vert anis would really pop. And orange is :love:. I can't wait to see what colors they have in stock at SF. I'm going next Saturday if we get everything moved into our new place on Friday (I hope!!!) :biggrin: It's going to be our "whew we're done moving need to get rugs/dishes for our new place" shopping trip with a stop at Hermes! :lol:
  7. Good luck! I hope something sings for you at the store and you get something wonderful!
  8. Thank you! I am really looking forward to our move being over and being so close to good shopping. I'm sure a whole lot will sing to me...now I just have to be good :angel: and see which one sings the loudest. ;)
  9. What color IS potiron? Can someone tell me please?
  10. It's a really pretty orange...not as bright as Hermes orange. :biggrin:
  11. It's orange with a slight brown undertone.
  12. Thank you! I thought it was an orange, but wasn't sure. I do love the Hermes orange! And the purple! And the blues! Time to start saving...
  13. I have a Potiron Birkin in my avatar.
    It has a LOT of brown in it and suprisingly, goes with 95% of my wardrobe.
  14. I have an orange one that I really love but I think the Poitron would be a better choice for you. I think it is a little more on the warm side and would look really good with your Vuitton bags. Also, I think Rouge H would look pretty too.
  15. Thank you! :flowers: I am really hoping they will have one in Potiron. :biggrin: I would love to have something in that color. But Rouge H is gorgeous too.

    Two more days and then we will be done moving!:yahoo: And then it's off to SF on Saturday...and it won't be a four hour drive to get there anymore!!! (I'm so excited!) :lol: