Ultraviolet Wristlet - Strap Problem!

  1. Anybody else have any problems with the strap on the wristlet?

    I just got my fuschia one in the mail today from Luna Boston. I opened the package and carried the wristlet upstairs to put away. I had my wrist in the loop and reached down to pick something up off the floor, wrislet in hand and the strap just fell off!

    I already took the little "no return if removed" loop off the bag and I got it on sale from LB. I'm hoping a shoe repair place should be able to stich it back on so it still looks decent! :sad:
  2. Crazy. I am using mine for the first time tonight. I will be embarassed if it breaks!

    I think I read somewhere on LJ that someone else had the same problem with their wristlet.

    I'm sure a shoe replair place can fix it. Let us know how it goes!
  3. I think it's horrible that lambies are having these issues with their NEW lamb's. Tsk Tsk.

    Kelly, I hope it doesn't happen to you to doll!
  4. Thanks! It's a bummer to have that happen when the design is so simple that it *shouldn't* happen at all!
  5. Hey girls! I went out to get it fixed tonight. They only charged $3 and did it really quick. It's just a little stitch around where it broke. It looks fine, no issues. I'm using mine tonight for the first time too! Hope all goes well with yours! :smile:
  6. I used my Argon one twice and haven't had it do that to me yet. Glad you were able to fix it but thats pretty lame that it was brand new and broke.
  7. I'm glad it was an easy (and inexpensive) fix! It's good info in case mine breaks.

    Mine did survive the night!