ultrasounds- how many

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  1. I have my first ultrasound next week i will be 12 weeks and this is when they test for downsyndrome....

    Does anyone else know how many more need to be donme durng the whole pregnancy & what they test for?
  2. typically if all is going well and you have no other issues that pop up i.e diabetes, placenta previa etc then you will probably only get one more at 18-22 weeks for the anatomy scan

    If you do have something they think needs to be monitored and that list can be a mile long then you will get more u/s
  3. ^^ well said!

    Gotta add... No matter how busy your baby's father is, make sure he gets to those sonos with you. Work around his schedule a bit, make it happen. I think it's magical seeing your baby for the first time, and definitely something to share :flowers:
  4. For my first child, I only had one, and with this one I've had 5 so far and I still have 9 weeks to go. It all depends on your provider and whether or not you have a high risk pregnancy. I love ultrasounds though... they are really comforting to me, and I love seeing my baby girl!
  5. I just had my 2nd one at what I thought was 29 weeks (though both u/s #1 and #2 show me at 31.5 weeks despite the fact that the u/s were conducted 9 weeks apart) and the baby was too big to see effectively on the u/s. You could see an eye here and some toes there but he is running out of room in there. I didn't realize that after a certain point, they can't really see much w/ the u/s.
  6. so far i've had scans on the following weeks:
    5th wk (to confirm if i am pregnant),
    7th (dunno, they asked me to come back in 2 weeks since 5week was too early..),
    13th (got the first 3 and 4-d video, end of the 1st trimester),
    23rd (booking scan in the UK/abnormality screening),

    30th,31st (to check the level of the amniotic fluid since the previous scan showed it was low),
    Yesterday - 34th+4days - growth scan.

    So far 8 scans and having the next one in two weeks (36wks+). Baby is in breech so they want to monitor if she turns herself.

    Mind you, since I temporarily live abroad but have come home for checkups and booking appt, and now to have my baby, I had to have scans in the both UK NHS hospital and my private practice abroad.
  7. I only had one - right at about 20 weeks. With my last pregnancy I had one at the end to make sure my placenta wasn't too low.
  8. I had one at 11 wks, 22 weeks, 32 weeks and 36 weeks. The last 2 were growth scans to make sure she wouldn't be a giant baby!
  9. My doctor's office only does 2, one at the first appointment to confirm pregnancy and then at 18-20 weeks for the anatomy confirmation. If there are complications or other issues they will do more. I had several ( 2 a week) due to my high amniotic fluid in my last weeks just so they could monitor the levels.
  10. My doctor only does 2 as well (one at 12 weeks and one at around 20 weeks) but I want to have one more before I deliver so I can make sure she's a girl and get her crib bedding!! I might not get one because they said my pregnancy is progressing very well...and there is no medical reason to get one.
  11. I only had 2.
  12. with my first son i only had 1, same with my second...now with this baby i have had 2 so far and going for my 3rd tomorrow [to hopefully find out the sex!!] it's a lot easier if your doc has the equipment and the tech in office.
  13. I had 2.
  14. It all depends on your doctor, insurance, your and your baby's health condition. I am lucky to have an OB who does U/S routinely, although very quick. I thought it was my insurance (PPO) but she said no, her patients like to be reassured so she does it every time. If you are of advanced maternal age and your insurance covers it, you can also see a perinatologist who has much much advanced u/s machines that see things very well. Typically with a peri, you get one at 12 weeks for what's called a nuchal translucency scan where they measure the thickness of the fold on the baby's neck, and look for presence of a nasal bone (markers for Down's). At 18 weeks, you get a Level IV scan, where the anatomy of the baby is checked, heart, brains, lungs, blood flow through the cord and placenta, limbs, etc. At 32 weeks there is another detailed u/s with the peri, and hopefully you are done. If the baby cooperates you may get to see his/her little face in 3D too.

    If there are concerns about the growth or other potential risks, or complications you may get monitored more frequently.
  15. I had two, but I didn't get in to see my OB til about 22 weeks :shocked: So I might have had the chance to do one more before that. Who knows. Anyway, you can expect around two to as many as five from what I've heard from friends :yes: