Ultrasound for Breast Lump after mammogram

  1. i had my first routine mammogram done last tuesday and got a call two days later for me to go back to take a closer look on my left breast...i just got it done today. i just want to share this experience with all the tPFers here.
    the second mammogram was a much much longer procedure (i think it took me about 3 hours) and usually each breast got 2 xrays and this time, my left breast got the sole attention...it got at least 8-9 xrays. the doctor told me it's my first time so she had nothing to compare to...so she needed all the info she could get to have a base mammogram for future ref.
    and after all the mammogram done, she sent me to have a ultrasound done. turned out, my left breast issue is denser than my right. and there are two cysts in my right and NOTHING in my left. so for the past few days i was driving my left breast crazy trying to find that nonexistence lump. :faint:
    so i went to googled what dense breast tissue mean....it's just harder to look for lump/tumor because dense tissue are white in the xrays. i read young women have dense breast tissue but at the same time it's hard to detect. just can't have it all..i guess.
    this is such an experience that I learn life/health is so fragile. i didn't go back to work, sort of enjoy my day afterwards...the world just seem so much better and the air is much fresher regardless my allergy to pollens. :p
    thanks merika for starting this thread. i was freaking out after the call back. now i can breathe....
  2. I've been called back twice in 7 years of regular mammograms for the exact same thing, harmless cysts. They rechecked them in 6 months and they were gone.

  3. I had a suspicious "lump" and they did a mammogram and then followed up with US to ensure a clear image.
  4. I also had the same, and they put a chip where the lump was to see if there are any changes. I went in for a follow up and they found a lump on my other breast but thankfully it was the same thing. Just lumpy breasts. I found this before I turned 40 doing routine checks in the shower, please do this regularly ladies!

    Nothing is worse than the waiting time from when you get your first mammogram, then knowing that there is a lump and THEN the actual biopsy. Your whole life passes in front of you and you stress yourself out that you are dying. It sounds extreme, but unless you've gone through it you can't really explain it. Please ladies, do not put off self exams and your annual mammograms! I'm doing my first breast cancer walk this year and have already been touched by so many women and their stories. I'm not going to preach, but take care of your boobies!!!
  5. :goodpost:

    I found a lump through self-exam and it turned out to be cancer. Mammos didn't pick it up, but an ultrasound did. The biopsy hurts like a b***h, but the waiting is a living hell. It is true that your whole life passes before your eyes - I didn't buy anything because if I died I didn't want my DH to have to sell more than I already had. I cannot stress the importance of self-exam, mammos and ultrasounds.
  6. yes....the waiting period was very stressful and looking life passing in front of me. and i also realized what's the most important thing in life - health. nothing else is as important. and not letting the small stuff bother me....my obnoxious boss, the crazy woman at work, the rude passenger i ran into the the subway...none of them matter to me.
  7. One of my clients found a cancerous lump too, although by accident. She was scratching on near her arm pit and felt it. She has very small dense breasts and was only 37 when she found it.

    She went to the Dr. quickly and she caught it early needed surgery and radiation, but no chemo. Its been a few years and she is doing great!
  8. I found my lump by accident, too. I thought I overused my chest muscles and started massaging the area, when I felt a lump. It never once occurred to me that is might be cancer. Was I blindsided when I found out it was!

    juneping, ITA with you about not sweating the small stuff after going through a life-altering medical situation. Nothing bothers me anymore. I smile at people, who smile back and I am so darn happy to be alive that I think my happiness radiates from me. It truly is a life changing experience.
  9. After a routine mammo something came up on the exam. I went back for the ultrasound and waiting to have the biospy on Nov 1st. I've been a nervous wreck to say the least.
  10. We're here for support! In depth and invasive medical tests are very nerve racking. Please keep us posted :hugs:

  11. I will. Thanks so much!
  12. can a breast pain be a symptom of breast cancer? i'm having pain on my right breast for 5 years now. and every time i went to different doctors, they can't find anything wrong and my sonogram results are perfect. they said i cannot do the mammogram yet because i'm too young and there's no history of breast cancer in my family. i'm just concerned with this pain only on my right side but doctors can't tell me why i am feeling this.
  13. i've also had a scare that turned out to be nothing...
    my gyn sent me to a breast surgeon who sent me for the sonogram...i had recently had a clear mammo...the sono found nothing but the waiting during those few days nearly killed me from anxiety and fear...we need to remind one another to try to stay calm until there is something to worry about! good luck & positive vibes to those waiting...
  14. Are you right handed? Do you do any kind of repetitive/isometric movement with your right hand---e.g., track mouse, writing, drawing, painting, etc.? You may have a muscle pain that is radiating into your breast. It can be caused from an odd combination of posture, movement, etc.

    Also, if you wear underwire bras, and your right side is a tad more muscular because you are right handed, your bra may be hitting you just at the right spot to cause the pain/irritation where they muscle and tissue are. You could have a blockage in the lymphatic system that is not showing up.

    I had the perfect storm of both of these happen, and I was in pain for several months and quite worried when nothing showed up on tests....


    Try changing to a bra without underwire. I resorted to slathering Tiger Balm Red all over the area, and in two days it resolved!! Completely! It was a lymphatic issue, and nothing else did the trick like Tiger Balm, I had had therapeutic massage and acupuncture, and in the end it was TB Red that cleared it up. Wear a t-shirt to bed, its a mess.

    Save underwire bras for Happy Time Date Night and your breasts will thank you. :heart:

    (pardon any assumptions about your bras or left/right-handedness)
  15. thanks so much for your reply. yup, i'm right-handed and the doctor told me that maybe my right breast has more muscle and tissue and it's nerve is more sensitive than the left. and he also said that if i'm having this pain for 5 years already then it's definitely not breast cancer. still, it keeps me worried as i have heard about the inflammatory breast cancer and paget's breast cancer which both can cause pain in the breast. also, sometimes my nipple kinda itch (sorry for too much info.) but have you experienced the itch?
    and last question, where can i buy the tiger balm red? maybe it can be the answer for my long problem. thanks so much for your advice!