Ultrasound for Breast Lump after mammogram

  1. I underwent a routine mammogram and received a call today and asked to return for an ultrasound. Is this routine procedure, or am I an anomaly? (This was my first mammogram)

    I'm feeling kinda nervous about why I was asked to come back.
  2. I believe they will be doing a sonogram on you. I have them done routinely w/ my mammo b/c they are able to see things clearer and I tend to be a bit bumpy. My girlfriend who had breast cancer said that if they hadn't done a sonogram after her mammo they would never had caught it so early. It saved her life.
    It's also not unusual since it's your first mammo, b/c it gives the doctor a clearer read on your breasts and will help him clearly establish a baseline for your particular breasts.
  3. They do the ultrasound because they can see things much better and can see things a mammo can't. When a lump was found in my breast, they did a mammo then an ultrasound to get a better picture. It's normal.
  4. I've never had this done, but I can understand that you're nervous. It's probably nothing more than wanting to get the best result possible. sending you some calming thoughts, Merika.:heart:
  5. ^^Thank you, everyone!!
  6. I had the same thing happen. They saw something on the mammogram and called me back for an ultrasound. It turned out to be a harmless cyst.
  7. I had this happen the last mammo I had. I found out that if you have large, pendulous breasts, or breasts with a lot of cycstic type fibroids, this is the best way to see what a mammo doesn't. Don't freak about it, it's getting to be quite common now.
  8. Update: I scheduled the appointment for next Friday and was told that it was to take a closer look at my right breast only.
  9. A while back I found a lump in one of my breasts (hadn't shown up on my mammogram about 6 months prior). My doctor then sent me for an ultrasound. Since the results were inconclusive of what it was, I had it taken out. It turned out to be benign.

    The ultrasound gives a much better view than a mammogram does. It sounds like they may have seen an area of concern and want to check it out further. I did a lot of researching when I found my lump and most breast lumps turn out to be benign. I know it's hard, but try not to worry. Do keep us updated! Hugs!
  10. My doctor's office called me this afternoon and said the mammogram showed a lump in my right breast, which is why they want to investigate further.
  11. It is normal procedure after it shows any densities on mammogram. Ultrasound could tell whether the densities showed on mammo are solid or cystic. They will require different management whether to go further. If they are cystic, they are benign, normally just require regular F/U. If they are solid, it may require closer F/U; biopsy or maybe even lumpectomy. Don't lose sleep over this yet, most of them come back nothing. But if there is anything of concern, you would want to have it caught sooner than later, right?
    HTH :smile: Good Luck to you!
  12. That happened to my mom - they found a darker area on the mammogram and booked her for a sonogram. Well, they didn't find anything and she was all freaked out for nothing, luckily. Hopefully that's the case for you too.
  13. Thinking of you, Merika! I've gotta get my first one here too...I know it ain't fun but I agree with the others the ultrasound is to get a good first baseline. So much of the lumpiness in our breasts is just benign stuff. I have a friend who has to go back all the time b/c she has benign lumps that just kinda come & go.

    ((HUGS)) Please keep us posted!
  14. Thinking about you, Merika. We're with you in spirit this week and always.
  15. Thank you. My drs office said it was a solid with well demarcated edges...supposedly cancerous masses have irregular symmetry a lot of the time (not sure about this).