UltraDior or LV Pont Neuf GM? Help me decide!

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  1. Decisions, decisions!

    Within the next two weeks, I intend to splurge on one new good bag. Its primary purpose is to be a work bag but I will use it away from work as well. I've narrowed the choices down to two: the Ultradior in dark green or the Louis Vuitton Pont Neuf GM in black empreinte. (note: in the past year, I already bought the Gucci Boston Supreme bag in the Tian pattern and a Jimmy Choo Sweetie bag in a lovely metallic plum fade...so I have both the casual and dressy bag bases covered). I also have the LV Trevi PM, a BV Olimpia (larger version) in black, and a Fendi DemiJour in black croc effect with (faux) tortoiseshell trim, plus a few Prada bags in cervo/Vitello Daino.

    The Ultradior is a gorgeous color. It's beautifully made. Has a zip top. Downsides: no inside pockets.
    Price (Swiss francs, since I live in Switzerland): 2150

    The PontNeuf GM is also beautifully made, I love the empreinte leather. It's a more "serious" work bag, which is both good and bad. It's slightly larger than the Ultradior. Has zip top, outside and inside zipped pocket. Plus shoulder strap. The top handles don't fold down, but when I tried on the GM, they didn't bother me -- they didn't stick into my armpits for example.
    Price: 2700 Swiss francs

    Complication: If I go for the less expensive Ultradior (I won't call it cheaper :P ), I'll have enough left over to purchase this gorgeous LV Baroque stole.

    Thoughts? I know I'm posting on the Dior board, so maybe this is a biased crowd, but there are plenty of TPF members who like both brands.... all input appreciated!!

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  2. Dior! The color is amazing and although I own several LV bags, I am currently over the look of monograms all over a bag.
  3. Definitely Ultra Dior!! Especially in that color! Looks stunning!
  4. Ooo this one is tough. I have to suggest the LV in this case, because I think it is really beautiful. And this is coming from a serious Dior Addict.

    If you were comparing the LV to the former Dior Soft, then the Dior Soft wins.
  5. Thanks! We're doing some number crunching to see if I can get both. :thinking: I'm tempted to wait on the Ultradior only because I'd like to see if they introduce a version with an inside pocket (as so many people have indicated the bag could use one) and if they'd issue it in a lipstick red color. I like the green -- a LOT -- but this bag in a good red would really pop.
  6. The Dior Ultra does come in a lipstick red.

    The bag will not be revised with a lining and pocket. The bag is meant to be unlined and without a pocket to keep it as light weight as possible. It's meant to be your go-to bag because it is so comfortable to wear.

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  7. Hi,

    Can anyone tell me the price of the Ultra Dior in USD? Also, anyone know when it will be in store?
  8. Thanks! I had not seen the red before -- when I was in the Dior store in Milan (admittedly this was back in December 2015), they only had it in dark green, deep blue, and black.

    I'm really hoping the budget can be stretched to both -- that would solve the problem!

    FWIW, I don't think a single zipped pocket adds a ton of weight or makes a bag less comfortable to wear. All the other similar sized bags I've owned have come with one and I do really like that feature. The only bag I have that doesn't is that old standby, the Longchamp Pliage, and to be honest, from time to time I do get annoyed that it doesn't have a zipped inside pocket.

    Anyway, something to consider before I make my final decision.
  9. Quick update:
    I still haven't had a chance to see the UltraDior bag in person yet, but I've temporarily crossed the LV Pont Neuf off my list. My laptop wouldn't fit into it. So if I buy the bag, it will be strictly because I really like the bag (and I do, it just doesn't work for the purpose I had in mind). One other general note about the LV Pont Neuf: it is made in both France and Spain. The store I went to carried only the made in Spain version. I have nothing against bags made in Spain, but if I'm spending near the $3000 mark on the LV brand for a bag it does make in France, then I want the French version.

    I will see the Dior bag in the next couple of weeks and make a decision on the Ultra then. I'm really fond of that green color and the bag; I have to see if I love it enough to go without an inside pocket. I'm stuck on the fence about that -- any thoughts from Dior fans who have bags without inside pockets?

    In terms of a new work bag that can also take my laptop, I will wait til December when we're going to Italy and check out the Fontana Milano store there. They definitely have some gorgeous bags that are big enough to hold my laptop and don't cost that much more than the LV Pont Neuf. (In the meantime, on Friday I bought myself a laser-cut Ferragamo Fiamma bag and my husband a Fendi messenger bag in black Selleria.)
  10. That "sounds" good but is so impractical. Without a divider and pockets, the bag becomes a cavern in which items get lost. I hope they rethink the design (or even better, reintroduce the soft tote) 😉
  11. Let us know what you finally buy! I have a similar delimma and haven't found "the one"!
    And congrats on your new bags!!!
  12. So disappointed. Went to the Dior Boutique in Las Vegas... And the UltraDior is not available anywhere in the US. Was hoping to see it in person. Please reply if the UltraDior is offered where you are!
  13. I'm going to the Dior boutique nearest me on Tuesday afternoon and plan to either come home with one -- if they have the green in stock -- or cross it off my list,
  14. Another vote for the Dior! I absolutely love the color and overall design. I think you'd find it very versatile and I think it has a bit more style as well. Good luck with your decision.
  15. I have never seen you go against Dior!
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