ultra rings

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  1. anybody have pictures of their ultra rings?
    i love the double row diamond in the black ceramic.
    i've seen older posts on this forum...but any updates?

    i loveeeee it!
  2. I have a black single row w/o diamonds I bought a few years ago. Ealier this year I was debating between the white double row with diamonds and the white Camelia ring. I went with the Camelia ring this time. Maybe next year I'll do the white double row w/diamonds.
  3. I recently acquired the black single band with diamonds. I love it. Before trying them on I was leaning heavily towards the ivory band but it looked so blah with my skin tone and the diamonds didn't really pop. The black one, the diamonds sparkle a lot. I think you need to try each.
  4. I bought one in early Feb, here's a pic