Ultra Ring...better With Or Without Diamonds?

  1. I'm definitely getting the single white band since I have little fingers..but please help me decide by posting pics of your ultra rings with and without diamonds. Thank you ladies :girlsigh:
  2. I've never heard of that ring. I'll be interested to see everyone's pictures. :smile:
  3. I just got this ring in white and i love it!! i have the single banded one without diamonds. The one with the diamonds is gorgegous, but the difference in price is astronomical. If you can afford it, go for the diamonds!!!
  4. I haven't seen this piece either. anxiously waiting for pics....
  5. Pictures
    Ultra Rings.jpg
  6. [​IMG]


    Ultra Bracelet $90,000 (before price increase):

  7. ya this ring is so gorgeous! I just love it. ITA, if you can afford diamonds go for it! Its beautiful..but otherwise, the plain one is lovely too!
  8. Gorgeous :tup:...You can look at all of them TRENDY at Chanel.com
  9. wow I LOVE the ring and the bracelet is TDF!!! But the price is crazyyyyy too!

    The dress the girl is wearing in the pic with the bracelet is amazing, any idea what year/season that is from??

  10. Thank you ladies, for your input and sharing the pics. I think I would go with the diamonds too even if it costs almost 3 times the one without diamonds...ridiculous :cursing:. I just hope they make it in size 4.5. :nuts:
  11. I love the ring but was actually really disappointed when I saw the diamond version, it was in store so had good lights on the ring but the diamonds were really dull, not really any sparkle coming off them at all
  12. 4.5! You have tiny fingers! The one w/diamonds looks gorgeous.
  13. looks cute to me both ways, if anything the diamonds make it dressier and w/o more casual, but very cute!
  14. I have the double ultra noir in black with the diamonds~it is quite nice but if you have smaller hands a single with diamonds would be nice too. I imagine if your ring size is 4.5 you are quite petite so the smaller one would be nice!:tup:
    IMG_0184_1.JPG IMG_0186_2.JPG
  15. go for the diamonds!