Ultimate wildest dreams Holy Grail... and a few extra bonuses <3

Camaro Chic

LVoe Hermes!
Dec 6, 2011
Southern U.S.A.
Hiya fashionistas!

I've been doing a great lot of traveling lately especially between here and my homeland of Scotland. Recently I was installed by the Lyon Court of Scotland as a member of the peerage as a Baroness and given the title of Lady Camaro chic thanks to some work by my cousin, an Earl who helped me acquire some of our family's ancient clan lands. To celebrate and get my mind of some recent health crises, my mum and I decided a bit of retail therapy was in order. Being that I've already acquired a new City Steamer I turned to my online dealing skills and acquired a lovely pile of items I've been drooling over. One of them deserves her own thread but I'm combining the others here.

Flawless Epi Nice from 1995 for $600
Bleu Galactic Cosmetic Pouch $89
Multicolore Alma Noir $400

And last but not least the ultimate holy grail I never thought to own. My beautiful nearly unused decades old Boite Flacons beauty trunk, a $1280 steal from the lovely Chance713 on eBay! :yahoo:

Thank you all for letting me share my beauties and joy over my recent upward climb into our international Scottish Clan Federation ranks as a member of the Board of directors and elevation into the British peerage! I feel so fancy [emoji23] :cutesy:

received_10212771755873308.jpeg received_10212771757233342.jpeg received_10212771757633352.jpeg received_10212771757913359.jpeg received_10212771759193391.jpeg received_10212771756473323.jpeg received_10212771759673403.jpeg received_10212742517662371.jpeg received_10212770768808632.jpeg received_10212782627985104.jpeg


Aug 20, 2009
Oh, my gawd! I have not been here in a while, this is the first post I see! That trunk is gorgeous! Amazing haul - and amazing news on your new title! Congratulations!


Nov 23, 2008
Congratulations on your title and stunning pieces. How wonderful to have good things happen. Hope you are well!