*****Ultimate UGH reveal*****

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  1. Hello ladies,

    Here are my 2 lastest acquisition. One I got from the outnet. The other one is my UGH. After 2 years seeking high and low for this pair they finally pop up on ebay. Anyway, less words more photos :P

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  2. OMG excited❤️
  3. First up!

    Sex pigalle 120.
    The last pair. I thought oh what the heck, if I dont like it I could always return. But then I felt in love with them. Absolutely gorgeous!
    I thought 120 was completely out of question yet I can manage in them fine. Plus, since the shape of pigalle has changed, I thought why not keep them :P

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  4. They need padding though. I got these in 36.5. Looks like I should have gone 1 size down

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  5. Yes❤️❤️❤️❤️Sex Pigalle! I've got them too.
    Gratulations for this unbelievable pair. I think you will love them any time.

  6. Looks very tight. Maybe you had took one size up. But it looks not so bad. They look so gorgeous on you. Have fun with them.❤️
  7. And the exciting bit …

    Mount Street 100

    Love them to death. They fit perfectly. Also very comfortable too :P
    The question is though, should I dye them all black?

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  8. :biggrin: more fotos

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  9. Thank you dear :hugs: They're beautiful
    Its tight at the toe box but it'll stretch. Theres a gap at the back which is why I need to go down 1 size but nevermind I can always pad them

  10. OMG❤️❤️❤️What a beautiful pair darling.
    They look perfect. I love the pink color.

  11. thank you dear :kiss:
  12. Lovely!!!

    Personally I would dye the Mount St all black because I don't wear pink and I am not a fan of pink and black contrast. All black are more classic and more versatile. But they are beautiful shoes nonetheless!!! I toyed with the idea of getting them and seeing them again makes me want them all over again lol
  13. Congrats! You wear both so well
  14. They both look amazing on you! Congrats on finding your UHG!! I think that if you feel you will wear them more as an all black shoe, dye them, but I personally like how the pink makes them look feminine and think the contrast makes the embellishment stand out more, but it really all depends on what you prefer color-wise and think you'll wear more!
  15. They are both fabulous on you! Another vote for dyeing them all black, but that's my personal preference/style. Perhaps have a look at your wardrobe and see if you can pair them with a couple of outfits? It'll help you decide better :smile: