Ultimate Soft

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  1. I went to Saks today to exchange the medallion tote, the one where the diamond quilts were not all uniform in "puffiness" (some seemed to be a little squished in).

    Anyway, they didn't have anymore in stock so I decided to get the large classic flap in black caviar with silver hardware which they were out of as well. :sad: My SA said they were out of many bags, even the classics because of the holidays.

    As I was looking around and trying different bags on, I fell in love with the Ultimate Soft. It is so buttery soft and I loved the shiny silver hardware, but I'm afraid that it will get all scratched up because it's lambskin and I plan on using it as my everyday bag.

    Do any of you ladies own the Medium Ultimate Soft with the quilting? Does it scratch easily or is it fairly durable? Also, do you think it's classic or trendy? I really want to start my collection with some classic pieces, but I love the look and also loved how comfortable it felt on my shoulder. Not too many shoulder straps stay on me for long because I have narrow shoulders , but this one never fell off.

    I am petite and a lot of bags that I would consider "everyday bags" that come in caviar (which I prefer), I feel are too large for my frame. :push:

    Would love to hear your input!
  2. Please do a search on Ultimate Soft as there is plenty of information addressing your questions. That said, I returned the beige quilted US I ordered not so much because of the leather but because I didn't like the way the CC charm kept falling into the bag and how it didn't fall into that nice shap naturally when carried. I tested it out upon arrival in my house and sent it back the same day.
  3. Thank you for the response roey!

    You have just helped me make my final decision. I'm going to go with the classic flap instead of this one because I do want durability (caviar) and I do want classic at the same time.

    Thanks again!
  4. The ultimate soft is beautiful.
  5. I really like the ultimate soft.