Ultimate Soft?

  1. Does anyone have this bag or photos of it? It's $1795 and my sa is trying to talk me into it? Thanks, ladies!
  2. Gina, that's the bag. Did you get the large or small? I'm wondering if it's going to loose it's shape. Did you see the quilted as well?
  3. Do u guys know if I can still get Ultimate soft? Or, its last season bag and its hard to locate now?
  4. I got mine like 2 years ago or so, and its gorgeous the leather is soo nice, as far as being hard to get im not sure, but it gets alot of compliments
  5. I got the large, I ended up with the black. A lady I know has had one since last year, hers seems to be holding up well. I am going to store mine stuffed to help keep the shape. She said to be sure to wrap the chains with tissue paper for storage, because they will make marks on the soft leather.
    The leather is really nice. I scuffed it almost as soon as I got home, used some Coach leather moisturizer on it, and it rubbed right out.
  6. It's currently out there. I plan to get one this fall. ChanelBoy posted that they had some in stock fairly recently. It doesn't seem to be as widely sought after as some bags so I don't think it will be ridiculously hard to find.
  7. Chanel boutique in SF has it in beige
  8. NM LV has it in large black, ask for veena.