Ultimate Soft tote prices?

  1. I am quite confused on these. I've heard a few different prices for them from $1695-1895. (Looking for the one without the quilting.)

    What is the actual current price and if possible, what will it be after the increase? I am so confused right now!
  2. I got the black one without the quilting last month, July, and it was $1795 at Neiman Marcus before tax.... I think the ones with quilting are priced differently. I do not have any information about the price increase. Chanelboy started a thread on this line with pictures and prices I think. In addition, the reference thread may have prices as well as pictures..... Good luck!:smile:

  3. ^^ Me too, I got an unquilted medium size via the wonderful Lisa Hamblin and this is what I paid. It is a terrific bag - well worth it!