Ultimate Soft.......Thoughts?

  1. Do you think it's a nice style? Is the leather as delicate as the regular lambskin leather? Anyone have this bag ....please tell me how durable the leather is. I only see this bag in black.....what do you think of other colors? like lilac, red, beige. (I don't like black bags :smile:) For those of you who get rid of your ultimate soft bag, why did you do it? Thanks in advance!
  2. i really love it in other colors like beige! i think its a wonderful style - looks very comfortable on the shoulders and the leather...ooh i want to smell it already. lol. i dont have this bag but definitely want it! i like the foldover part..it look very relaxed and comfy looking to me!
  3. I really love this bag!!!! Its very comfy and I like that it isn't structured!
  4. Kuriso: I love the fold over part too...
    Noegirl: it looks comfy on the shoulder...that's why I like it too.
  5. I had the beige quilted US for all of one day and ended up returning it. The leather feels like velvet and the color is a beautiful dark camel beige. What I didn't like is that the foldover had to be adjusted to look the way it does in pics, at least when I tested it out with my belongings inside. The fold didn't naturally happen when I put the bag on my shoulder and the CC charm wouldn't stay outside the bag.

    Also, the softness of the leather made little wrinkles on the stress areas of the bag. The US leather isn't thick like the Soft and Chain but it is treated to resist scratching like the SC.
  6. i have it in black... i really like it... can fit lots of stuff and use as an everyday bag...
  7. i have this in the medium size, black and the leather is divine! i like the little detailing - the metal loops, dangling cc charm, discreet side pockets, etc. it fits quite a fair bit for a medium sized bag and holds its shape well for something that is slouchy. there's a small bit of leather strap on the chain handles so it fits perfectly (and comfortably) on the shoulders. i really like the fold-over style since it's much easier to get in and out of the bag compared to the classic flaps.

    my ultimate soft hasn't creased or scratched and is surprisingly durable for something that is lambskin. although like roey mentioned, sometimes the dangling cc charm does drop into the bag instead of dangle out like it's supposed to.

    and the only reason why i'm getting rid of mine is because i've been using the luxe flap more than this. :p
  8. I really like it, however, I'd stick to dark colors. I love the beige and the coral, however, my SA showed me a beige they'd had for awhile and it has worn terribly. It's quite dirty so I'd worry about how it would look if I used it daily. I think it's a great, classic bag.
  9. I love this bag as well. I was hemming and hawing over the beige quilted one and tried it on 3 times in the store and walked around with it for almost an hour. But I finally decided to pass because I didn't think it would wear well over time. The leather is super soft, but is pretty delicate and looks like it would get scuffed pretty easily. I was sad to give it up though since I love the size and shape.
  10. Thanks, everyone for your input!!

    Roey: I wish I have a chance to see this bag in real life. I didn't know that the fold doesn't happen naturally. :sad: I have a handbag insert..maybe that will help. The little wrinkles on the stress areas will worry me too. Do you carry heavier items though? Which is the stress areas? (All I can think of is the bottom of the bag) Will putting a towel to line the bag helps?

    ghostdreamer: Since you use the bag everyday, is the leather holding up well?

    Zerodross: I actually have the Lux flap at one point, but get rid of it as it's too heavy for my shoulder. ;) But I complain about my bags being heavy...even my Balenciaga First...lol.

    Itsmyworld: Wow, how can a beige bag gets dirty so fast even if it's a floor sample. I am beginning to worry then. :sad: I have my eyes on the coral one....
  11. I love mine. I've had it for about a month and a half and have only one small scuff on the front of it, which only I have been able to notice. And the only reason I noticed it is because I scrutinize my poor bag to check for any scuffs. But one tiny scuff is fairly miraculous, considering how accident-prone I am. I expected it to burst into flames by now, but it is holding up just fine. I am more careful with it than I would be with more durable leather, but I haven't had to go to extraordinary measures to protect it.
    As for the fold, I have to actually position it a certain way to get it to not-fold and stand up on its own. I think whether it folds naturally depends on what you have in your bag and whether it is higher than the fold line, if that makes any sense. When measuring the bag, it is best to measure from the natural fold line because that's how much it will hold if you want it to be all floppy. I've never had a problem with it folding or the charm not showing.
    Personally, I would not get a lambskin in a light color, but that's just me. You know, concerns about spontaneous combustion and all.
  12. I love the look of the US, especially in quilted light beige. The color is absolutely TDF and the leather....yummy :p
  13. I have the large one, not quilted, in beige. I bought it in August and I don't see any marks on it, so I believe it is quite durable. It is the softest, most beautiful smelling leather imaginable. The fold at the top occurs naturally on mine, and it is so easy to carry.
    However, I am going to sell it to help finance another style. I don't like slouchy bags. I did find mine was much more organizd with a purse organizer inside it.
  14. its a gorgeous bag, i have a black one and the leather is fantastic, I was at the MET last year and an old lady came up to me and touched it and said "your bag is so gorgeous it feels like skin" LOL ive had it for a while now and it wears well, cant go wrong with it IMO
  15. I question that as well. I guess it had been there for awhile but I was suprised. I had seen it before when it was newer so I know it didn't start out looking like that. My assumption is that people don't wash their hands and then the dirt and oil gets on the bag and it just happened repeatedly. I think that if you want to, you can work at preventing it, but I thought it was something that should be mentioned. I was suprised when I saw it. I really want this bag, but I'm thinking mine will be black.