Ultimate Soft small quilted???

  1. Has any one seen this bag in the small size? in black? a few came up on eBay and I missed them all when I was out of town this past week... Any help would be great!

    Another question for anyone whose glancing at my post... I recently acquired a e/w cavier flap and how long is that chain suppose to be? it doesn't double... does it? I'm still waiting for it to come ... not sure if i'll like it- I just got it cuz it was at the old price.

    Thank you-
  2. R u still looking for the small black US?I think my SA has one in stock.

  3. The chain on the old E/W does not double, it does adjust to any lenght you want it to with a twist of the clasp at the end of the chain, there are many pics on the reference to show you how to adjust it, it can be easily adjusted, it is a great bag.:heart:H