Ultimate Soft returning for PreFall

  1. My favorite SA (Brendan Sheehan from Chanel on 57th Street in NYC) called to let me know the following:

    The Ultimate Soft in beige and black is coming back for PreFall (June/July). It will be available in medium and large. He said he thought it was the one with quilted stitching.

    More Baby Cabas in black, white AND Dark Silver will be available as part Act II in April. He said Dark Silver was the same color code as the dark silver from the cruise 2007 reissues. 14 of each color were ordered. Then Black and Khaki are re-ordered for Act II Fall.

    They have lots of GST's with silver hardware coming for Act II in April. They originally ordered 8, but are receiving many more than expected.

    Finally, their PreFall trunk show is on April 25th. So if anyone is able to, please go and report back?
  2. Thanks for the info! :yes:
  3. so the ultimate soft will be identical to last years? any idea how much?

  4. THANK YOU SMOOTH!!! There is hope for a baby cabas after all!! :yahoo:

    I live in the NYC area...do you think I should go to the boutique in person? Or could I just call?
  5. thank you!:flowers:
  6. Do you have the phone number, Mon?
    Im looking for white or silver baby cabas..which one is better do u think?hehe

    Thx!!!i'll try to call BG first (to avoid tax:p) if they dont have any, i will call Brendan..
    Do u mind if I say that u refer me to him?
  7. I'm still learning about Chanel. What does the ultimate soft look like?

    Anyone have a pic?

    Also thanks for the info Smooth!
  8. The number to the Chanel boutique on 57th Street is 212-355-5050 It's OK to use my name. Tell Brendan that Monica from tPF told you about the upcoming stuff.

    I got on the wait list for dark silver - but white is beautiful too. Maybe get them both and then choose when they come in?

    I'll get a picture of the ultimate soft.:yes:
  9. These are pics of the Ultimate Soft in Black:


  10. Thank you! There's hope for me getting a bag before fall! :yes:
  11. that's pretty mon!!!love ultimate soft..
    but baby cabas is my priority right now!LOL

    hope i can still get that *cross my finger*:smile:
  12. yay! ultimate soft!! too bad it wasn't coming in any bright colors and being released for spring...

    thanks for the update!
  13. Dark silver baby cabas! :drool: Woo hooo
  14. Hello!

    I called the boutique (thanks Monica!) and Brenda is off today:crybaby: but th ewoman who answered to my name for the waiting list for white. She said it was "quite long". I'll still keep my fingers crossed.

    Thanks again for the heads up!!!!!!

    As for the ultimate soft....does anybody have it and how do you like it?
  15. oh, i so wish the purple one can come back...i am dying for that....