Ultimate soft question

  1. If you have this bag, does it scratch horribly? Is it very hard to take out as a day bag because of the leather?​
  2. I just ordered this by phone and I need some reassurance, Please!!
  3. very nice bag. no, this bag doesn't get scratched easily. i have mine for a about a year now.
  4. Oh, thank you, that's great to hear. I haven't felt it IRL and I can't wait to get it! :yahoo:
  5. agreed, it doesn't get scratched easily, i use mine daily
  6. :idea: Thanks, I was getting worried because it looks so delicate and lovely.
  7. Just got mine; it doesn't look that delicate, but it's sure soft!!!
  8. i think the sa told me it is soft calfskin, not lambskin. i heard that lambskin is more delicate.
  9. ultimate soft is always lambskin, not calfskin. chanel has never made it in calfskin. it IS delicate, i do not recommend using it for heavy duty wear (i.e. with kids, pets or at parks or in bad weather). I have one I tend to use it when I know the weather is lovely and/or I'm not engaged in any activity that involves sitting down in dirty spots.
  10. what color does it come in? I saw black, white and red, any others?
  11. i have seen it in ivory at beverly hills Saks last year. not sure if they still have it.
  12. For the old ultimate soft version (before the sombrero ones) do they come in in smooth lambskin leather and not with leather design like the sombrero ones? I know the sombrero ones have like a woven design to it (like one PFers who posted hers here! -gorgeous!)

    Also, the chain on the older version, is it chain with the interwoven leather all the way? I know the sombrero has the chain on the side of the handle and then all leather handle for the part that goes to your shoulder. Hope that made sense!