Ultimate soft pics!!!!! for Emmy!!!

  1. This is the large ultimate soft. BTW thats not me modeling it . lol. I havent used this bag yet. unstuffed it colapses in a heap, when I do use it I will have to put something in the bottom of it to retain it's shape. The leather is so soft, like soft and chain, but not as fragile .
    us.jpg us2.jpg us3.jpg us4.jpg
  2. Gorgeous ,gorgeous bag! The leather is so soft, in fact I think it's the same leather as my soft and chain. LOL, I hope that's not you modeling it. :p
  3. Beautiful
  4. Oh I love the ultimate soft it is gorgeous!
  5. oooh...very pretty! that bag certainly lives up to its name!
  6. wowww congrats
  7. gorgeous!!
  8. Shining and cute, enjoy~~
  9. I love the bag, it's so pretty.
  10. so pretty!
  11. looks so soft!
  12. I love that bag!!
  13. Sjunky, congrats on another beautiful bag. =)
  14. Nice handbag!!! Love it! congrats!
  15. That's hot! So stylish yet subtle. May i ask how much you bought it for? :drool: