Ultimate Soft or PST

  1. Hello everyone, ive narrowed it down to 2 bags that i like, and are around my price range. I recently saw the Ultimate online and then went to see it in person, i thought it was gorgeous tried it on and was perfect on me. The only problem i have is how long would it last being lambskin a lot of people here say its very hard to maintain. Unfortunately i didnt try the PST because i was rushing and didnt get to see how it looked on me. I personally have always preferred hobo purses, i feel like they go with me better. But i do want a bag thats timeless and will last me for a long time. I dont abuse my bags at all, i dont overstuff them either, i usually just put everyday accessories on them, and im always very picky and careful with them, so im thinking the lambskin could survive?Im 5'1 about 110 and like my bags medium, so i dont know how the PST would look on me. Any advice is welcome. Thanks:tup:

  2. Hello, I have both ultimate soft (in medium size, beige) and bordeaux GST, and I am 5'3" tall. I can honestly tell you, I love my ultimate soft more than GST because the lambskin on ultimate soft gives me the feel of luxury and it is super super comfortable and nice-looking :heart:. I purchased my GST because it's also a nice, handy bag which I can keep everything with :p, but it does look a bit boxy on me and it's quite heavy.
    As far as I like my ultimate soft, I would not choose it as my everyday bag because I am worried that it may get scratched or dirty from daily use (no matter how careful you are, sadly). PST/GST are more scratch/dirt-resistant when used as a daily bag because it has caviar leather.
    Regarding timeless, even though ultimate soft is not in the classic line, I would think it is a nice Chanel bag that can withstand the test of time.
    By the way, I have seen a girl (around 5'1" tall) with a PST before, and I think the size of PST looks perfect on her. HTH!
  3. The problem with the lambskin of the ultimate soft is that even if you baby your bags, the lambskin will still scratch. An SA was even warning me against getting any lambskin bags because of how sensitive they are. IMO, the Ultimate Soft is beautiful and lambskin is truly luxurious, but it's definitely not a bag you can be wearing daily (even if you take excellent care of your bags).

    In this instance, and for the purposes you stated, I would vote for the PST.
  4. ^Yeah I agree w/ missisa07....My SA says the same thing about lambskin..I do LOVE the ultimate soft...but would only use that periodically and on NICE days...I have the PST...LOVE it for shopping days and for when I want to carry a Chanel but don't want to have to worry about weather/crowds and babying my bag...Let us know what you decide!!!!
  5. I wish they had more caviar hobos to my liking:girlsigh:so confused!
  6. what about the baby cabas? thats a caviar hobo, not boxy like pst and much more durable than the ultimate soft.
  7. No the baby cabas is too overwhelming for me. The only ones im interested right now is the Ultimate, PST, AND MEDALLION. THANKS FOR THE INPUT THOUGH[​IMG]
  8. Thats ok, good luck, love your avitar , I have a giant print of Audry in my dining room. I would go with ultimate soft btw, gorgeous bag!
  9. Thanks i found it on photobucket and thought it was perfect! I love her style, I have always thought it would look gorgeous to have a big print of her in a dining room! Thanks for the advice, i tried it on and loved it, but sadly it has bad reputation for being weak since its lambskin. I will post pics on what i decide though. Thanks again!
  10. I completely understand what everyone is saying about the lambskin. But honestly, its a Chanel it though it might scratch a little, it will last the test of time! My mother has a lambskin flap thats approximately 25 years old and though she doesn't use it as often anymore (now its a special occasion bag but it was her everyday bag initially) it still looks beautiful!

    I. myself own the ultimate soft med that you are talking about. It was my first Chanel so obviously I wore it all day everyday for the first year. And let me tell you, though I take care of my bags, I dont completely baby them. And though there are a couple scratches on the bottom, for the most part it still looks new and i still get complimented every time I take it out. (which now is probably once every 10 days) So I say if you love it, go for it! It is a great bag!:p
  11. I like both... such a hard decision.
  12. I personally prefer the US. In all honesty, I'm not a fan of the GST/PST. I don't know if it's the large logo on them or what but it just isn't me. I think the US is just so beautiful. Yes, it's lambskin but I have plenty of caviar bags so I figure it wouldn't be a big deal (for me) to have 1 delicate bag.

    That said, if being practical is number 1, get the PST.
  13. i'd go for ultimate soft since i like unstructured bags more although i have the PST and i love it. how much is the ultimate soft after the price increase anyways?
  14. Well the medium size im interested in is still 1595
  15. I have both the medium Ultimate Soft and the PST (both black). I love the US, it is a great day to night bag and although the leather is very soft, it doesn't have a scratch on it yet. I've had it for about two months, and I use it a lot. The PST is awesome too, but I consider it more of a day bag only. I heard the PST is $1350 now. Hope this helps! Let us know what you decide.