Ultimate Soft Colors/Styles

  1. OK guys, I'm going cross-eyed trying to search this up on the forum with no luck. I know the Ultimate Soft comes in black, beige and red. I know they come smooth and quilted. Also know that at least the ones I've seen, are only zip top. Beyond that, what colors or style variations does it come in? Please post pics if you have them. Thanks! :tender:
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  3. I am awaiting a lilac version which I expect to receive by the weekend
  4. Thanks for the bumpity, Swank! I was beginning to feel neglected!:crybaby:

    Miss Sooky, so funny you replied. I just read your post before checking mine. I've seen the black, but not the lilac. You MUST post pics when you get it. Now that's color I didn't know was out there. Is it a lavender sort of purple or a darker tone? I may be in trouble depending on the shade! :graucho:
  5. i've seen a sobrero (spelling :confused1:) version. Not exactly quilted but has diamond patterns. I saw this in white and red
  6. Yes, I saw that in red on eBay. Very nice but WAY expensive! I'd be petrified to have an Ultimate Soft in white, but I imagine it's beautiful!
  7. ^ i did a search for you and found this thread by chanelboy with some pictures of the ultimate soft:

    here's another one of a PFer's ultimate soft - the unquilted version

    here's butterfliie's red ultimate soft

    here's the beige that VIPstyle posted:

    here's a helpful comparison thread between the large & medium ultimate soft in black and a lighter beige colour (than the one pictured above)

    here's glistenpearls' beautiful coral ultimate soft:

    and here's goldensx5's ultimate soft which foxycleopatra cropped:

    i hope that helps some. ;)
  8. Thanks Zerodross! One of those looks vaguely familiar! ;)


    Mine is the around the same color as glistenpearl's, but I auto-corrected the pic and it came out more red looking. The second two links take me to the tPF homepage, so I couldn't see them.
  9. ^Wow that coral is such an amazing color...
  10. ^^^Thanks! It's one of my favorites. :tender:
  11. I can't believe I missed out on the red. I would KILL for one of those.
  12. I think the red is still out there.
  13. I have the Ulimate Soft in the flat black quilt. Bought it for my fall/winter everyday bag. I haven't used it because I refuse to admit the summer is almost over, but I think it will wear well. The small is very small, and the large is too big. So, like Goldilocks, I found that the medium was just right!
  14. Wow that white one is beautiful!
  15. I agree. The small is just way too small and the large is just so big. The medium is perfect :tup:.