Ultimate Soft Collection

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  1. Nordstrom Mall of America now has both sizes available from the Ultimate Soft collection. Both styles are available in either beige or black. The beige has more of a yellow tint to it than the normal CHANEL beige. The smaller size is quilted and retails for $1595. The larger size is not quilted and retails for $1675.

    The larger size is just slightly smaller than the original baby cabas from Cruise this year. It is a very attractive looking handbag. Both styles are made of lambskin.
    Ultimate Soft.JPG Ultimate Soft 2.JPG Large Ultimate Soft.JPG
  2. What are the dimensions of the smaller size?
  3. I can't totally tell from these photos, but is the chain the classic chain like on the flaps?

    (Mainly curious about the larger beige one.)
  4. Is the lambskin as fragile as the lambskin on the flaps? or does it have a different finish to it, making it more durable? thanks
  5. Sorry, one other question... will this price be the same for fall?

    You're awesome for answering all of these questions we always throw at you!
  6. I'm pretty sure this bag will not be increased in price. it is made of lambskin, so naturally it will be more delicate.
  7. Thank you so much. I really appreciate all of your info.
  8. No problem.
  9. eeee i want the medium sized one...decisions decisions
  10. Thanks. Pls just a few things:
    1) I just got the black non-quilted lambskin for $1750 at Neiman's in San Francisco. I guess a $75 difference must be regional?
    2) Mine seems large, I thought it was a large size rather than "medium", as I have heard it phrased as "ultimate medium" - are there 3 different sizes in the non-quilted?
    3) Do you have ideas about how best to care for the leather? Mine had a few scratches even off the shelf.
    THANK YOU!!!!;)

  11. I have the bag, it is delicate but it doesnt cause sratches or anything. dont treat it with anything.just a dry soft cloth
  12. Thanks, sjunky - how long have you had yours? Do you use it everyday? D

  13. I have had mine for about 9 months and im embarrased to say, I havent used it yet:nuts:, ok here is the thing , the bag is great but it falls in a heap when not stuffed, It looks good when i put a small towel or magazine in there to make the bottom not sag , I will wear it soon. It is just sittin in my closet, I have to take her out . I feel guilty now! I got a mini lin speedy from lv and I put a show box top to stop the sag and it worked perfectly , now I have to work something out for the US and I will use it.
  14. I cracked up when I read your post below! :lol: Ha ha! So funny! Is it because it falls oddly or you have so many other bags to use? So funny......

  15. Chanelboy...do you still have the ultimate soft availbale in black in the smaller size?