Ultimate soft bag on the way...

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  1. I ordered the large ultimate soft foldover bag in light beige today and will receive it tuesday.:yahoo: :yahoo: I am SO excited because this was a TOUGH hunt for me. It's the huge one that retails for 1675. style # A28576. Fedex should deliver tues morning and I will post pics soon after!:biggrin:
  2. how exciting!!! that is great. congratulations on your new purchase!
  3. Thank you! I :heart: your dogs. :love:
  4. OMG another hot bag!!?? You are my hero. Can't wait to see pics!
  5. Jennifer
    I am so glad you found the bag you wanted, I know you can hardly wait until Tuesday!! Your avatar is the bag I would buy if I could just buy anything w/o thinking about how I am "suppose" to be building a Chanel collection of timeless, classic pieces that I can use with anything. Purple (especially lavender) is my fave color and the violet of your flap bag is GORGEOUS!!!!
    Congrats again on your new bag!
  6. me too!!!! They are adorable~~~
    I have a mini schnauzer, she is my avatar and my :heart:
  7. LOL! I will post as soon as it comes. Love your dogs too! I love all dogs in general!
  8. What's the size of the large Ultimate Soft bag? How big is it?
  9. Thanks Penny! The purple goes really well w/my blacks, greys, and whites so I don't have a problem there. BTW, did you get those black platform pumps yet? I love your dog as well.
  10. There is a pic that golden posted in post pics of your chanel family thread. It's the huge light beige one on the stairs that has a cc charm zipper pull, folds over at the top and has a tear drop shape when you look at it from the side. There's a black one on ebay that says the dimensions are 16x13x6 which is huge, almost as big as my cabas. I am a sucker for big slouchy bags though.:rolleyes:
  11. Jenn, this is an awesome bag! I saw it in black last Monday at NM for $1650 and it was TDF! I tried it on and almost didn't give it back to the s/a!!
  12. Oooooh you are so lucky!!! I LOVE ultimate soft bag....I actually have my NM SA hold for a while for me to decide if I want it or not. My SA told me she is pretty surprised that this bag is actually flying off the shelves at NMs. I don't know what to do....I just bought a Reissue, and I'm picking up LV Mirror Speedy in a week.....too much money spent already. Only if I know this line stays for next few seasons, then I can get it later....but we never know.
  13. I can't believe this. We have 2 Chanel stores... and I never see any of the great bags when I go to shop. (Why are the good bags never on the shelves? Don't answer that... it's a rhetorical question. :sad:)

    I wonder if this bag will work for me. I love large, slouchy bags and it comes in black... do you think it fits a bit wide under the arm or do you push it back behind you? It does seem quite wide at the very bottom.

    I'm taking this picture to my SA tomorrow, to ask her if one is available for me to try.

    Is "style # A28576" the same number for the black?
  14. Jen
    I did get the gray/black round toe CC pumps w/ 3" heel, but I sent them back to Saks they just were not comfortable. I love the look of them, but not the way they felt on my feet. My SA at BDs NYC has shipped me a pair of solid black round toe pumps with 2.5" heel and they have some elastic to them. Haven't gotten them yet should have them this week. Will post pic and let you all know how they fit.
  15. Pics Pics Pics Pics Pics Pics!!!!!!!!!!!