Ultimate Los Angeles thread

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  1. Bf and I are staying at the Sofitel, and will have a rental car. We have dinner plans with friends, but are looking for recommendations for breakfast/brunch, and lunch places in the West LA area.

    Also, any suggestions on where we can go to hang out for an afternoon or two? TIA!!
  2. West Hollywood has various breakfast joints which are great. They are Toast, Dough Boy, Hugo's, Basix, Urth, Barefoot. Or you can go for a great breakfast/lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel...you might even see a celebrity or 2! Have fun!
  3. Good morning!

    I will be leaving for a weekend conference in Los Angeles on Thursday. The conference does not start until Saturday, so I have Thursday and Friday free. This will be my first time visiting LA as an adult, and I would love to get some shopping in.

    Can you guys please offer some recommendations? I am actually renting a car, and a little nervous about driving around, but will attempt it anyway. I'm actually staying near LAX. I don't have any place in particular in mind, although it might be nice to go shop at boutiques, versus chain stores that I can find here. I'd love to find a nice dress for my bachelorette party in Vegas in July.

    Thanks so much for the recommendations in advance!!
  4. Of course since it is first time in LA, you have to go to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. Other great places to go shopping is Melrose Blvd and Robertson Blvd. All very close to each other. On average it is about a 20-30 minute drive from LAX.
  5. Everyplace ms.fashionista just listed are great. My favorite that she did not mention is Griddle, it is on Sunset just east of Fairfax.
  6. ^Robertson has lots of chic boutiques. Also I like Fred Segal in Santa Monica.
  7. There is also a fred segal's on melrose.
  8. There's a restaurant on the top floor of Barney's in Beverly Hills, the name is escaping me, which is really good. It's also adjacent to Rodeo so you could shop afterwards.

  9. It is called Barney's Green Grass.
  10. I love Mel's Diner on Sunset :smile: May catch a celebrity there too! AND the one on Sunset is less touristy than the one on Hollywood.
  11. The above mentioned are all the best places to shop in LA! I love Fred Segal, too! If you make it down towards Orange County, namely Costa Mesa stop at South Coast Plaza...great mall with all the upscale shops you'd be looking for! Have fun!:yes:
  12. Mel's is great, as is Green Grass, be sure to pick up some Goyard when you enter Barney's to the left :P or The Farm of Beverly Hills is cute & inexpensive. But I frequent the Polo Lounge almost daily @ The Beverly Hills Hotel, has to be my favorite. And pick up Sprinkle's or Crumb's for a little treat afterwards :smile: .

    LOL I promise I do more than aimlessly lunch all day haha.
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    Talk to me about what to do in W.Hollywood area. Where to go to clubs, restaurants, cafes, etc.. I was there last year and here is the list of places I went:
    The Grove
    Hollywood blvd
    Celeb home tour
    Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive
    Le Due
    Cafe Primo
    Il sole
    Mels Diner
    viper room
    House of Blues
    The Standard
    Chop House.. AWESOME
    The cantina
    Sunset Blvd, of course.. I stayed at the Hyatt
    and more I can't think of

    Please tell me where else I must go and see.
  14. You would think since I have lived in WeHo and BH most of my life it would be an easy question...lol

    Since you were staying at the Hyatt did you go to the House of Blues?

    There are tons of great outdoor breakfast/lunch places on 3rd street between La Cienega and Fairfax. But, my favorite breakfast place is The Griddle. It is on Sunset and Fairfax. They have the best pancakes.

    The Abbey on Roberson and Santa Monica Blvd is really nice. (but very Gay)

    Not super close to WeHo is Santa Monica and Venice Beach.

    The Beverly Center Mall is nice.

    Century City Mall is also nice.

    If you are here on a Monday night. Dolce entire food menu is 50%.

    I will try to add to the list if I think of anything else.

    While you are here if you would like a shopping buddy go a head and PM me. I would love to show you around.
  15. I didn't know this! I don't live in LA but when I'm in Newport I'll be sure to try to hit this on a Monday. Great food!