Ultimate Holy Grail Reveal... So worth the ban!

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  1. #1 Apr 14, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2016
    AAAAHHHH my dream bag I never thought I'd own, the most insanely beautiful colour I have ever seen, my favourite colour on the planet, holiest of holy grails is here!!!! I am blown away. I have been selling some of my bags I dont use much and padding my bag fund and having some fun but other than two items im waiting on, i thought I was done until I sold an Hermès bag with Yoogi's the other night for $2800 then spotted this... and scooped it up for the steal price of $2725. Idk what the seller was thinking but it was on sale from original list price of $3200. I couldn't ignore it at that price and now I am SO glad I didn't. My mother, visiting from up North until next week, has been laughing so hard her sides hurt at how totally geeked out I am over this.... but once she saw it, she was in awe and is scared to touch it!

    Striptease though some of you knew she was coming... it'll be a quick one.

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  2. :nuts:

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  3. Hey! I'm excited to see your reveal, but I wanted to warn you that your address is readable and you should take down that picture! Not saying people here are creepy, but it is also good to be safe than sorry!
  4. Remove that first picture if you care about your privacy. I can read your address and apt #. Scary people out there could target you after all the reveals you have done. Or save your info and sell it to others.
  5. Camaro Chic please remove the first picture!!!! Be careful!!!

  6. Omg please delete the first pic as it has your address on there!!
  7. #7 Apr 14, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2016

    Thank you all so much, took me forever to figure out how! I tapped the wrong pic and wasn't paying attention, GAH!
  8. Ok, deleted, what an idiot mistake. Now we can get on to the goodies!
  9. Here she is! Pristine, like new Turquoise SC PM :tender: :girlsigh: the blue tape is still on the inner zipper pull! I'm just in heaven right now. Thank you all so much for sharing with me... if it wasn't for TPF I would never have known this beauty even existed, and I'm always browsing threads and taking style cues from the fabulous fashionistas here! :flowers:

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  10. Nice!!! I will do a reveal myself soon... waiting for it to arrive but it will probably get here when I'm in Cabo..
  11. Gorgeous!! Love the color. Congrats!!
  12. Very pretty!!!
  13. The colour is stunning! Congrats!
  14. Beautiful! Congratulations!
  15. I love how everyone here watches for one another!