Ultimate EYE Candy

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  1. I present Cinderella
  2. ;)
  3. She is on her way to the lab. I thought you all might like to meet her. She is all Venus cut Diamonds. Flawless. Perfect Color. Cinderella ;)
  4. Holy Cow! Those are great pieces!!!!!!!! Let me have them! lol!
  5. WOW. *sigh* to play with such lovely things all day. :girlsigh: (i'm sure there's sucky parts too....but man, what a perk!)
  6. lol!! This one's mine izabet! My hubby get's to play with lovely things all day! I just get to play with them when he brings them home!
  7. even better!! :nuts: :wlae: that way you don't have to give it back!
  8. WOW I'm speechless. Such a lovely necklace...
  9. WOW!!! That is drop dead gorgeous!!! How do you get your husband to do that? haha, you need to teach us some tricks so we all can learn! :graucho:
  10. ^:roflmfao:
  11. Wow! That is spectacular! How gorgeous! Would love to see a picture of it on your neck!!!
  12. I agree Chag...let's see that on you! Congrats...It's truly stunning! Now, 'where to go, where to go??' I hope you're not 'all dressed up w/no where..."
  13. Its beautiful!!
  14. Cinderella is on her journey to the Lab to be evaluated. She then gets a new box built for her and THEN I will have her back. I'll take another photo after that. Then she will be put away until she is needed ;)
  15. very pretty.