Ultimate DH

  1. I love to shop. I love to browse, I love to window-shop, I love to try everything on. I even love to buy a little something now and then and carry my packages around in a swanky shopping bag. I love it all.

    My DH would rather have teeth pulled in a third world country than set foot inside a store.

    And yet I know there are in the world husbands and SO's who like to buy their stuff in stores. Until today, I had yet to meet one. Today...... I met the Ultimate DH. A shopper on par with the best of us. A shopper unlike any other. A DH who not only likes to buy his stuff in stores but likes to BROWSE with his wife in stores.

    This is a man who knows more about Hermes than the SO's do! Possibly more than (dare I say it) WE do! :shocked:

    Today I met with Crochetbella and her Ultimate DH at Hermes in San Francisco and we had a blast. Touched an Ostrich Kelly wearing a glove :blink:, watched a woman fondle the Croc Birkin with bling, strolled the store with an Evelyn on one shoulder and a Bolide on the other and finally left with nothing more than a 5' long whip wrapped in tissue (lolo....get ready.....).

    And following the advice of the Ultimate DH, went off and bought a scarf and pocket square from the men's department of Neiman's where the SA's are hysterical and the selection is.....well.......BETTER!

    Who knew!?!?!??!?! :shrugs:
  2. crochet is so lucky! Sounds like you had a great time!
  3. :confused1: wait, they made you wear gloves before you can touch the ostrich kelly? pardon my language but WTF?!?!

    oh were you already wearing your new gorgeous red driving ones?:shrugs:
  4. CB is sooo lucky!!! He must have been really fun to go shopping with! Glad you all had a great time :biggrin:
  5. No HL.....I had to put on a white glove to touch the Ostrich. No kidding! I have no idea what Ostrich feels like and yet.....I touched it! :shrugs:
  6. ^hmmm, that's so strange. something must have happened for them to enforce that "policy". it's definitely new - esp for that boutique! it's sf from chrissakes... things are supposed to be more lax.:P
  7. ^ forgot to add more more thing... i'm glad you had a great time! crochetbella, you lucky gal. wanna switch hubbies? j.k.
  8. Where's crochet with that awesome dh!! My dh is like your's shopmom....not good -- although...we did a little walking around a shopping area this afternoon which is waaaay out of character for him! Of course we were on the Harley and he probably knew he was fairly "safe" as we couldn't buy much of anything lol! What color was the kelly??
  9. Shoes....it was a gorgeous Gold and MAN was I drooling. Maybe that's why I had to wear the glove....:rolleyes:
  10. Crochetbella is a lucky lady! I too have a DH who loves to shop. I'm blessed. However, he is still learning when it comes to Hermes. It sounds like you guys had a wonderful time. I'm happy to hear PF members are getting together to shop. Maybe one day we can all meet.
  11. Was it YOUR size shopmom?? Are you going back tomorrow??????!!!!! You NEED an ostrich lol!!!
  12. Ostrich is TDF. You HAVE to get one.

    Crochet's dh sounds heavenly to shop with. Sigh. I once had a man recently ask me with a blank look on his face - what's a gherkin? I swear, he was being absolutely serious too.

    "Gherkin" has now become part of my official vocabulary. My SIL and I refer to our bags as gherkins.
  13. My husband isn't fond of shopping, but he was a lot better when his company's stock was up. Go stock market go!
  14. Shoes.....it was a beauty! I'm so glad I actually saw one because it's only strengthened my resolve to own one someday. I want an oldy though. This one was lovely......32cm souple. $13,000.00 of pure ostrich......
  15. Crochet, you have yourself a winner! Glad you guys had fun!!