Ultimate Amazing Collonil Pics!!!!!!!

  1. Hi ceestar - maybe an idea to open a specific thread with a piccie of your bag so we can see, as your question may well be overlooked in this thread! - there is also a reference thread for all the different Mulberry leathers which could be of interest to you?....:biggrin:
  2. I can't make new threads yet as I haven't enough posts I don't think, I wanted to post my first bag as everybody here was so helpful with their advice. I will certainly have a look for the reference thread though so thank you for that :smile:
  3. Look forward to seeing your lovely bag in due course!! - but in the meantime that other reference thread for leathers may give you some pointers! Welcome to Mulberry!...:smile:
  4. Bumping this amazing topic
  5. That's really brave and incredibly good to see also. I've never drenched any of mine but I wish I'd got into Collinil sooner as my oak alana has the mother of all water stains on it from my stupidity of putting her on a table with a bloody puddle of water on it and now she's got a massive streak in her bottom :sad:

    Thanks for bumping slowhand. I'm off to spray!!!!

  6. I love this topic, quite happy to look at it again, totally nuts and really helpful ...........amazing what Collonil can do :biggrin:
  7. Blimey thanks for this Slowhand - I've been to scared to use Collonil and so don't take my bags out in the rain :shocked: I know what I'll be doing in the next couple of days, now where did I put the spray...