Ultimate Amazing Collonil Pics!!!!!!!

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  1. I will post them on the right thread too but I thought I'd make these stand out as even I was suprised at how good it is!!!
    All the pics of the Elgin are pretty much continous with a really fast flowing tap,and I timed it all with me messing about taking pictures and finding things to scale the depth of the puddle on it......................25 minutes!!!!!! And not a watermark damp seam to be seen afterwards!!!

    The Rox,I had to use a plastic cup for the water as I could'nt get a great angle showing the water and holding quite a big bag trying to take pics at the same time.

    Hopefully any newbies will spot this and have a look,and if they are about to purchase a darwin leather model,it may help to stop some distressing disasters!!

    The next thumbnails show it being run under a really fast tap,and the Rox getting a soaking after I'd sprayed that,buffed it(it recommends to do so on the tin I noticed yesterday)

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  2. Elgin seams getting drenched after spraying,a lot!!!!!

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  3. More Elgin,some are a bit out of sync,as the first one in this run is the end of me tipping off the huge pool,and the second one is actually right at the end of the sesh,the others I have just added in for acouple more images of the testing.And the last one is actually doubled up,soz!!

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  4. Lastly the Rox getting tested,these pics were done about twenty five lots of water on as I could'nt really get it under the tap too well and take decent pics.x

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  5. wow! collonil is definitely worth every penny one pays for it. n chaz, aren't u quite ridiculously daring for doing that to your elgin... haha... but thanks for these pictures n your research..
  6. Blimey!:wtf: I can't decide whether you are very nuts:nuts: or very brave:woohoo: to give your elgin a soaking like that!!! BUT either way- I'm gonna go and spray my Annie and stop being so angst about using it in the rain!!!

  7. OMG. I can't believe you did that for the sake of bag science!!! Crazy girl!!! But I will definitely treat my new lovely Bayswater!!!:heart::love:

    BTW, thought that lobster key ring was funny looking too! Cockroach on drugs, funny!! Probably crack!!
  8. Bloody Hell , your mad :nuts: I love it !!!!!!!!!!!
  9. OMG, Chaz, you need to get out more and quick if that's what you're doing to your Mulberry bags when our backs are turned!!
    Are you completely mad????
    You certainly must be mad of stern stuff if you'd risk your Mulberries under a running tap.
    I'm hyperventilating here..(and they're not even my bags)....thank God Colonil works!!!!!
  10. Still in shock can not believe you done that to your bags OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Will you be showing your husband the pictures.
  11. I did actually build up to it after I first did them,flicked a bit of water on,rolled off easily enough, tried pouring a little bit on it,same, and then thought stop being a sissy and get on with it,so thats when I started actively trying to drown them!! And Andy actually watched me on Saturday when my experiments were well underway,timing,wetting,buffing,timing etc,etc,as he walked off in abject boredom,I think he said brave woman,or was it silly cow?............can't quite remember now...............................
  12. LOL-this forum puts a smile on my face!

    My husband thinks that we have all lost the plot!!

    This is the man that spend`s hours and hours on the lost forum trying to solve the puzzle!!!!!!!!!! What puzzle!!!!!!!!!
  13. Hahaha!! Andy says that to me,I think he's looking at naughty ladies with their boobies out! Joking aside,what do they do when the get on the web??? If you want to really confirm I'm a bit (ok,a lot) nuts!! Have a look at all the others I decided to drown,hahaha!!

    Incidentally I did the YSL which I have been told is pebbled or tumbled deerskin..........
  14. you are positively crazy, those pictures are so cool though
  15. Hahahahaha,I reckon I can treat myself to a ginormous slice of cake now as a reward!!!
    Or just all of it.