Ulta's most recent mail circular 1-20-09 - 20% off coupon question

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  1. I recently got a new circular for Ulta in the mail. like usual it has the coupon on the front, but this time it's 20% off and says "on EVERYTHING in this ad" or something like that. but then in small print is says it's valid on all regular and clearance merchandise. so... my question is.. does that coupon work for everything in the store as well?? the wording on the ad is kind of confusing.
  2. There are a few things it didn't work on, but when I was in ulta, there was a big sign at the register with the five or so items listed.
  3. yea.. i found it very strange... because they usually list the certain brands that they don't allow the discounts on...

    it's like 20 min drive across town for me to get there and there's lots of stuff i want to get but don't want to be disappointed because only one of those items (the ud primer potion) is actually listed in the ad.
  4. Strange...right on the website, it says "Includes Pur Minerals, StriVectin, Bourjois, Studio Gear, Amazing Cosmetics, Elizabeth Arden, & More." Then is says some exclusions apply. If you click on the exclusions part, it brings up a huge brand list, which oddly enough, lists Elizabeth Arden (and Urban Decay :sad: ). I guess you should just call before you go. Good luck!
  5. I know that is weird. I noticed that too. I am guessing that with prestige products, the coupon only works on the ones in the flyer. Normally, prestige is excluded with Ulta coupons. It never hurts to ask though.
  6. strange... their website doesn't make any sense..... i thought the circular said that all fragrance can be bought with the coupon? and on their website it says it excludes ALL fragrance?

    and their normal coupons don't normally list THAT maybe exclusions do they?? it seems like they're listing all of their "high end"-ish products.

    and i know there was a spot in the ad that said it can be used on salon service and their website says it excludes that as well.
  7. I was able to order the T3 Evolution hairdryer for 20% off. That's a great deal since I really wanted the hairdryer and missed out on Sephora's FF 20% deal. It looks like it's already been processed and there is a tracking number on the order. The page says no coupons allowed on T3, but it worked anyways.
  8. It can't hurt to try... just bring the items to the counter- some SA's don't know what is excluded or don't care, and will ring it all up under the discount.