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  1. I get my Paul Michelle stuff from Ulta and I'll be picking some up this weekend to take advantage of the buy 2 get 1 free sale.
  2. I buy Zoya and Carols Daughter mostly. But I also purchase other things like teeth whitener and hair stuff. I like the Ulta brand of handsoaps. They also have an extensive line of The Body Shop and Crabtree & Evelyn products. I used to get my eyebrows done at the benefit bar and they were great! Also they now carry CARGO which is great for me since the Sephora in my area discontinued it.
  3. I usually go to Ulta for drugstore items since they seem to have a larger selection than the drugstores that are near my house. I also buy haircare and sometimes OPI or Essie but I have noticed they are a bit overpriced when it comes to drugstore items. I never buy high end cosmetics from there though cause they don't have all the brands like Sephora does.
  4. What is your impression of ulta?

    I recently went to ulta and started earning points. I received the 20% off coupon in the mail and read the fine print of exclusions such as no discount on urban decay smokey palette, etc. I thought I can get 20% off everything else other than those excluded items. They only gave me 10% off on almost everything I bought that wasn't listed on the exclusion detail.

    I don't live near a ULTA so I won't be going back or shopping online. Also, I can't seem to shop in peace when I'm at ULTA. The SAs keep coming up to me asking me if I need help,... Literally I counted 9 associates while I was there.

    Sorry this is a rant, but wanted to share my experience. What is yours?
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  5. I don't have an Ulta in my city. There are three of them, in three diffrent cities, within two hours of me. I've found one to be very clean, well stocked, with helpful associates. One is the complete opposite. It is dirty, shelves are empty, and no associates in sight. The third store is in between. So not all Ultas are the same.

    I love the rewards program. Money off is better than samples. I used the 20% off and it took 20% off my entire order, even things like the shampoo I bought that was already on sale.

    The only thing I don't like is all the brands that Ulta doesn't carry. I still use Sephora for MUFE, Hourglass, ect. I wish Ulta had it all.
  6. Oh, I also got a free BECCA beach tint last order for buying a BECCA blush. A full sized beach tint.
  7. Ulta is closer, but I prefer Sephora. I get my husband's shampoo from here. I have platinum status at Ulta and VIB Rouge at Sephora
  8. Whenever sales associates constantly come up to me and ask me if I need assistance to a level that it becomes an annoyance, it leads me to believe that they are some sort of commission or mandatory sales goal.

    I don't know if Ulta associates are on one but it would make a lot of sense...
  9. I have not been really paying attention to the club they have since I rarely shop there (just not in a convenient location for me).
    but lately I have been getting their emails.. and also a coupon attached for 3.50 off 10.00,
    can this coupon be used only once??? until you get a new one with new expiry date??

    the reason I ask is because I seem to get several emails over few weeks but different promos, but the attached coupon will have the same expiry date, is this considered the same coupon and can only be used once???
    thanks for any info.
  10. if i remember correctly, i think they take the physical copy of the coupon, but you could always look up another online and let them scan it through your phone if you need it!
  11. ok thanks... its just that they seem to send me the same coupon over several emails that contain different promos throughout their store.. so just wondering if I could use that coupon for every visit or
    just use once.
  12. The $3.50 coupons exclude prestige brands. You can only use them if you buy drugstore stuff. I'm pretty sure you can use them over and over again.
  13. The coupons are only good for one use. However they almost always have a coupon going on so it's not hard to find extras to use. Also of you signed up with your email they send you both paper and email coupons. You can use the paper coupon in one transaction and then have them scan your smart phone for the email coupon in a separate transaction. Like another poster said not everything is covered with the coupons though so depending on what your planning on getting check out to see if what you want is eligible.
  14. The $3.50 coupons are one time use & only good on drugstore brands, but you can always print more from their website or download an app like retailmenot & pull up the coupon for them. It's also a good app for Michaels coupons, Bed Bath & Beyond coupon,s etc.

    I shop both Ulta & Sephora. Ulta has Benefit, Clinique & Lancôme counters here. Last month Clinique gave a free chubby stick eyeliner for stopping by the counter and this month there is a free Lancôme eyelash curler and travel size eye makeup remover for stopping by the Lancôme counter. When you have the rewards card you get a monthly sale book that can tip you off to specials.

    I have mixed feeling towards the reward program changes. Even though earning money back that can be used on anything is nice, I loved earning a $40 off any perfume discount every 3 months with the old program. Now that $40 perfume discount is worth less than $10 anything money.

  15. I'm a prestige consultant at Ulta and we are not based on commission. We are based by surveys. Those surveys on the bottom of your receipt are what gives us our feedback/bonus. So everyone please please please fill out those surveys. Sometimes you can win something just by doing them. If you want a better shopping experience you have to tell us where we are going wrong.