ULTA store

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  1. Hi there.
    I have seen many references to this store and hopefully before the summer is out .. I will try to go to one the stores...
    how are the prices there ?? why do you go and what are your favs there to buy ??
  2. I love Ulta because they are pretty generous with coupons! My favorite stuff to get from Ulta - Terax conditioner, OPI, Essie nail polish, Philosophy 3-in-1 shower gels
  3. the prices aren't marked up, just the retail prices. I like going to ULTA because everything is under one roof with many name brands. They have a great return policy, Rewards program for frequent shoppers and frequently send coupons
  4. ooooo, nice to hear ..... is this store similar to Sephora...

    I know Sephora does not sell Bobbi Brown .. does ULTA sell it ?
  5. Bobbi Brown isn't sold at Ulta. if you go to Ulta.com you can see a listing of what they carry. IMO, they have a wider selection than Sephora, not better or worse just a larger selection. From items you find in drug stores to others you'd only find in department stores.
  6. Another Ulta fan here! I love the coupons and the fact that you find more expensive as well as drugstore brands under the same roof, plus much more nail and hair care items than at Sephora. It is a beauty products lover's dream, and well worth the trip. :tender:
  7. I love Ulta as well! There is a bigger selection than Sephora, but much of their selection is drug store brands. But, you won't find as many exotic brands or products as you do at Sephora. So, if you enjoy looking for off-the-wall products, you won't find as many at Ulta.
  8. I like Ulta too for that same reason of mixing the high end brands with drugstore brands under the same roof. I also like their bonus program if you have the Ulta card. But since I moved to the east coast I don't see them as often. When I lived in Chicago they were everywhere. So unfortunately I really don't go that often anymore.
  9. the other thing I like about Ulta, is that you can find good deals in their 'mark down' bins!!!
  10. Ulta is a fun store because they have high end and low end, but I find their customer service to be horrendous. If you are looking for help or a lot of service Sephora is definitely better.

    I also like that they always have lots of samples of high end shampoos and things at Ulta, I can never find them anywhere else and they are great for travel!
  11. thanks a lot.. now i am looking forward to it ..........
  12. If you find yourself going there frequently, definitely sign up for the rewards program. I get a lot free stuff, and it's not just little samples like Sephora. I've gotten free fragrances, a hair straightener, bottles of nail polish, salon services, and skin care.
  13. I 2nd this... I RAVAGE the clearance bins often!
  14. i like their philosophy, urban decay, benefit, and too faced. my ulta has a good selection of urban decay i love it. also some of the ULTA brand items, aren't too bad. I love their ULTA brand shower smoothies, especially in Appletini.
  15. Plus their $3.50 off $10 coupons that can be used on CLEARANCE items!:yahoo: