Ulta rocks

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  1. I so love ulta
  2. yea me too i love their rewards for their membership card ...way better than sephora
  3. I love it too! You can get 20% off coupons online all the time and in the Sunday paper. The store keeps getting better and better as they introduce new brands that Sephora has already. I one right down the street from my house, so I'm in there often. :smile:

    Oh and they have an awesome selection of OPI polishes!
  4. Ulta is the best.
  5. They really do have the best deals when you combine their weekly specials with their weekly coupons! I'm always waiting for the 20% off EVERYTHING coupon so that I can get stuff off that's usually excluded (hello Bare Escentuals).
  6. i like how you almost always get a free gift with every purchase. lol. there's sooo many gift deals, that its almost like if i buy anything there i get something little for free.
  7. I love using their $3.50 off $10 cooupon on clearance stuff along with coupons.
  8. I've had a "membership card" for 5 yrs and have never once received anything more than $3.00 off coupon. :blah:
    I shop there at least once/month so I know I'm spending plenty.
  9. ^ughh you're telling me. the most i've received was $5 off of $10 but that was ONCE! other than that they're all $3.50 off of $10.
  10. ^^Same, but I still shop there bc I am pretty much over Sephora. Now that Ulta has expanded their selection I like shopping there and will head there before I even check Sephora.
  11. Ulta has MUCH improved over the past year, but mine has REALLY weak SA's and cs.
    I prefer Sephora.
  12. I never understood ulta. It looks like a glorified drugstore, imho..
  13. that's weird that some of you never receive additional coupons. they send out 20% off everything coupons i think about two times a year, then they also send our their reward coupons each quarter, which depends on how much you spend each quarter.

    i love ulta just because it's a mixer of high and low end products. and i love their clearance!
  14. I keep hearing about Ulta and actually decided to finally visit the site today. Much, much better than Sephora. Better deals and the prices are amazing!!!
  15. I know that some stuff are excluded (under their Prestige grouping or something) but you can get BE with the 20% off? Interesting. I have to read up the exclusions again.

    Yeah, aside from the rewards coupon though I get either the 20% off or the $3.50 off $10 every 2-3 weeks. This comes with the paper though or those aparment complex Buyer's Guide.

    I wonder if they have your info correct. Have you checked your address online? I had to get mine corrected once and I started getting their weekly ads in my mail now aside from the ones in the paper. The ones I get in the mail sometimes are not in the paper and the quarterly rewards get to me that way too.