ulta beauty kit - yay or nay?

  1. what do you ladies think?

    quality or no?


    The 2007 ULTA Blockbuster, a $195.00 value, is now just $24.99! Collection includes 28 Eye Shadows, 12 Lip Colors, 4 Full-Size Lipsticks, 4 Cheek Colors, 4 Nail Lacquers, 2 Face Powders, 2 Lip Glosses, 2 Lip Gloss Pots, 2 Eye Shadow Quads, 2 Concealers, 2 Liner Pencils, 2 Shimmer Powders, Applicators and a Removable Train Case.
  2. Ulta makeup isn't very good quality. Ulta is comparable to Wet n' Wild, whereas Sephora is comparable to L'Oreal. The Sephora Blockbuster kits are pricer, but they're worth the extra money IMO.
  3. I have to disagree. I have some ULTA eyeshadow and have tried 2 tubes of their lipgloss and I like it. It's comparable to Covergirl imo.
  4. That is a great deal! Although I've never personally tried anything by Ulta, you can't really go wrong with such price.
  5. i think stuff like that is a good way to play around with new colors and options. then, if you find something you like, you can feel confident spending money on a higher-quality version of it.
  6. i worked for ulta for like 3 days last winter.(bad place to work in my opinion!) man those block busters go quick.

  7. i saw that in their mail catalogue and it was only $19.99!!! i wonder if they still have any left...
  8. surprisingly..yay! I've used some ulta products in the past just to play with the eyeshadows and lip colors but decided to pick one of these cases up last week and I actually really like it! Its got tons to play with and the eyeshadow really pops over my urban decay primer potion! I was sooo surprised. I like the blushes too!

    I'd definitely spend 20 bucks on this case, thats why I bought a second one today!

    I usually wear Chanel and Mac daily, but for the past 3 days I've been using the eyeshadows and blush in the kit and they stay on better than all my MAC products.

  9. good to know! i just purchased the urban primer potion today when i went and picked up THREE of these kits! :] love em love em!
  10. Let me know how you like yours! I'd curious to see if any else is getting good results like I am so far...i'm wearing eyeshadow and blush from the kit again today.

  11. well, i woke up feeling super tired. (i was catching something the night before) so i slept in. (missed class man!! ughh!) and i got into my car, thinking id go to class, and just took a 20 minute nap. (HAHA. thank goodness my housing security building was RIGHT where i parked.) when i woke up, i realized i only had an hour left before i had to go to my interview. soooo, i actually did my make up in my car!! it was glooming and storming so i had really bad lighting but i did finish my face! i wasnt pleased with it because i couldnt really work on my face because of the limited room and lighting, but people at the interview (i knew most of them) were gushing with my make up. now that im home, i have some free time so im going to play with my make up so ill tell you how it goes..

    but for now, i like the eyeshadow colors, but i dont like the way it doesnt go onto my brush right away. i feel like i have to really apply a lot onto my brush. maybe i was just really sleepy still. (LMAO)

    i will post update soon.