Ulta 20% off any one item

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  1. how did you pay $4.99, i thought it was 19.99 with the coupon?

    I thought about getting it today, how are their cosmetics? I figured it would be fun to have it and experiment rather than buying more colors from Mac and Chanel that don't always work on me!
  2. Also i don't know about the product but i thought it was cute so i bought it

    I think the discount was alterated yesterday.Or something i don't understand why it worked yesterday this is what i got.

    ProductQty OrderedQty ShippedQty CanceledUnit PriceAdjustmentsSubtotal[​IMG]Holiday Blockbuster ($195 Value)









    Shipping and Handling


    Sales Tax


    Grand Total

    I also posted it here
  3. we don't allow duplicates, so I'll close this one.
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Thread Status:
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