UliUli - I Just Got My Edith Bowler from NM

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  1. :confused1: Did you get yours? It is beautiful AND HUGE. I don't know what to do.
    What do you think?
  2. Uli from Project Runway????
  3. I don't think so. We'll have to ask her.
  4. No:p ! No Project runway relation!
    Sylviap, I didn't get mine yet... I think the day after tomorrow she arrives... but it is starting to drive me crazy - one morning I wake up and i am excited about her, the next morning I am terrified:sweatdrop: Is she heavy?
    I have a sneaking suspicion that I am gonna keep her no matter how huge she is... simply as a work of art:love: .
    Big bags don't scare me (i;m 5.4) It's more about ensuring that I carry her often enough ... you know, the cost-per-wear factor... to justify the expense :yes: I'll let you know when she'll arrive
  5. Hi Uli -
    I never saw this bag in person, it is so big. I got it on sale but it is still almost $700 and I don't think I would use it that much. I love the color. I think I should give it a couple of days. . . then decide. I'll let you know too!!
  6. I saw that bag at NM the other day in a navy blue color....just gorgeous...but HUGE....I still love it....I think it is quite a statement piece....enjoy!
  7. OK, sylviap, I just got mine 15 minutes ago! I guess NM is shipping super-fast these days....
    What can I say... I am in a bit of a shock:wtf: I haven't decided yet if it's good shock or bad shock.... It's gorgeous! definitely a statement piece, handbagrehab :yes: I just need to decide whether I have it in me to be making such statements:p
    I wasn't expecting it to be so wide... it's like if they would've made it 2 inches narrower - i would be taking that bag to bed with me:p The fact that I have been dreaming about her makes it very difficult to make a decision to part.
    I don't know... will be contemplating... since I've got a couple of other Chloes coming to me in the next couple of days...
  8. Let us know what you decide.....I absolutely love the detailing on that bag...the stitching/contrast with the color (a work of art)....it is a great bag....I wasn't sure about it when I looked at myself in the mirror at NM....I thought I might feel a bit silly carrying it around....it's just soooooooo big...but, I live in small town USA....if I were in a city....I wouldn't think twice about carrying such a fashion forward piece...
  9. i saw that bowler IRL and it is HUGE and WIDE, definitely not for a short gal like me
  10. Ok girls my Ivory Edith Bowler is packed and ready to return to Texas.
    Although beautiful it is definitely too large for me - I’m 5'6" (average) and this bag is luggage size. I wonder - if you use it as a travel bag, will they consider it carry on or personal item? You would have to travel on business class or buy another seat for the bag!! And to use as a weekender I don’t think would work - I think if you fill too much the bottom would sag. Anyway I have others coming which I hope work better for me. Citibank fraud prevention called twice!! My card is about to explode!!!
  11. Sylviap, Ithink I am with you on that one....:crybaby: as much as i love it, the darn cost-per-wear principle I have would not let me budge ....
    what else do you have coming? :nuts:
    I am sitting on a Whiskey Medium-zip Tracy and a Tall Edith Conteen/Satchel. One of them I will have to let go to appease my conscience.
    I also have an Edith Shopper in Ivory on its way (hopefully, it will replace the bowler). Yesterday I wanted to call NM and ask them to re-route that one to my friend's house, 'cause my DH was about to get a heart attack from all the bags... I had a hard time explaining to him that sales like that happen ONLY ONCE a year (well, perhaps twice, but that I'll try to explain in July:p
  12. Uli -
    I have a Python Doctor Silverado, an Ivory w/brown stitching Tracy and another Edith whiskey (I think is the tall satchel). My DH did not see the first come in - I'm always on the lookout for the mailman. If he saw all this come in he WOULD have a heart attack! I'll keep you posted!
  13. OMG! The ivory Tracy is the whole reason for NM sale obsession!!!! It has slipped through my fingers 3 or 4 times!! Ironic, heh? I ended up buying a bunch of othe Chloes just to silence the pain :graucho:
    The Python Doctor Silverado must be gorgeous! I am fairly new to Chloe so I havent yet started coveting Silverados, but give me time ....
    Let me know what you think of the Tall Edith Satchel. Mine's in Whiskey too. I found it a bit small and stiff, but I like how it looks... So, c'mon, get your bags faster and we'll continue the discussion:yes:
  14. Uli - Ivory Tracy at NM NOW!!
  15. Sorry Uli - It's gone!!
    It was there just a minute. Keep trying you might still get it.