UK - website now selling agendas

  1. Not sure if anyone else has posted this but notice the UK Hermes website is now selling leather agendas plus the refils in various colours. :yes:
  2. Do yoiu have the link?? that woiuld be great

    GOOD to see you back posting
  3. OMG! I can buy one on the website? This is fantastic.
  4. They only ship to the UK, don't they?
  5. :yes::yes::tup: Thank you for the info too.
  6. The US website also has them available. Yeah!
  7. It appears that the color choices are limited, but I guess you can contact customer service.
  8. Alidoll, thanks for the info!! :smile: I think it's great that Hermes is offering agendas on their website. :smile:
  9. I love when ".com" adds fab ;)items!!!!!
  10. Hmmm....I wish that the US site had as many color choices! Vermillion is exactly what I have been looking for!
  11. yslalice--that's the color I was eyeing as well. ;) There's something
    about Hermes reds. :smile: I love the Vision model.
    Of course, I'd have to wait to see what kind of tax refund,
    (if any...) that I'd be getting in 2008.

    I like that Hermes are adding more items to their online store.

    I still want to go to a boutique and have the true experience,
    but if I can buy some small goods via the computer that'd be
    great since the nearest location is a few hours away from me.