UK vs US

  1. im thinking about moving to UK , it's a decision that I have to make ASAP unfortunately . I 've been in the US for the past 3 years , I cannot say if I like it or not , I think I haven't been here long enough though.
    being in the UK would give me the opportunity to pursue my career sooner than if I'd stay here and go back to school so I can take my license( im a dentist ), but what I would really like to know is how is UK different than US and if u got any pros or cons for either one. I dont know a soul over there , so right now im kinda scared , excited , curious ,ready to go ...i guess. i would
    love to hear your opinions
  2. Uh, it's the United Kingdom. Enough said.

    (Sorry, you're speaking to someone who's half English but 100% Anglophile.)

    Seriously. If you have the opportunity, go for it.

    I studied in London the fall semester of my junior year of college and loved it!
  3. London is my 2nd favorite city. My first is my current city, San Francisco. You're young, do it while you can. If you don't like it, you can move. Go for it!
  4. its pretty much apples and oranges IMO. The UK is tiny compared to the US so you would have to be specific about what part of the US you would be comparing it to. That said, there are parts of the US I love and I love all of the UK. If you are living in the southwestern part of the US, you are going to miss all the dry weather and sunshine. But if you live in the Northwest, the weather will be almost the same. If you are living in the south/southeast, you won't miss the heat and humidity. If you are living in a major city like Chicago, San Francisco or New York, London will suit you. London is one of my favorite cities but I personally would have to live a little further away from it in the countryside somewhere. Bath is a great little town and just a train-ride away. Its much greener in the UK that is for sure and the gardens are breathtaking.
    I think that about covers it for me.

    p.s. also, if you are a music fan, there is always an interesting scene breaking out of there.
  5. Hi, I live in the UK and I would stay in the US, I just love the US, I understand that you have career decisions to make and if you would truly get more opportunities in the UK, come on over!Lol!
    I am sure you will get more advice!
  6. They say variety is the spice of life; I say take the opportunity to go to another country if you can!
  7. The replies on this thread are very much "the grass is greener"! :lol:

    Which bit of the UK would you be thinking of moving to?
  8. I've lived in the UK (London precisely) for a number of years and I do love it. London can get a little tiring sometimes, but I'm a big city girl so I generally love the buzz. Perhaps we could help you with a pros/cons list! You could tell us what you do and don't like about the US and we can do the UK for you!

    It can be a really hard decision to make when moving countries, but also remember, nothing is permanent. If you choose to come to the UK you could give yourselves 6-12 months to "trial it" rather than viewing it as a life-long move....

    Good luck with the decision :tup:
  9. I agree with the others...hard to compare in general, specifics would be nice.

    That said, my sons best friend and his family are from the UK (just outside of Manchester) and moved here, CA (bay area) about 6 years ago. They stayed for 4 years and were really getting homesick, so they moved back to the UK..that lasted about 6 months...then they decided CA was def. the place they wanted to be and moved back. We are so glad they are back!
  10. You'd do well here for a dentist! Lol, we have a lack of those. Anyways, I have never been to the USA but I would love to go. I'm born and bread British! half english, half scottish, but I love it here. Is there an opportunity for you to come and check the place before you decide? What do you like about America and what do you dislike, then I'll tell you if it's any different here :p
    P.S. we don't do guns :smile:
  11. It totally depends on where in the US and where in GB. They are so very different. Also, I find GB very expensive, but if you are considering NYC or SF in the US, it might be comparable.
  12. here in the uk everything is much more expensive!! thats a definite con! and the weather can be a bit crap too!

    but other than that, if you have the oppurtunity you should go for it! if London seems too big a place try another city within the UK, we have plenty! Leeds (i'm a little biased) Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool have great shopping and nightlife! It would also be cheaper than living in central London.

    definite pro's imo would be topshop, tea, the nightlife, fish and chips and most of all experiencing a different culture, a lot of people would kill for this kind of oppurtunity! and we definitly need some more dentists!
  13. It really depends where is the US and where in the UK you are talking about...if it is suburbia US vs. English countryside then I would say UK but if you are comparing major cities...a la NYC vs. London then I would have to say US all the way, no contest. No offense anyone, we are talking about opinions here.
  14. As a German I'm unbiased and I would say go for it in any case!
    No matter if you decide to stay forever, it will be an experience not to miss. I spent some time in England during my professional training (mostly London but visited a couple of other places), and I loved every minute of it. I love the culture and enjoyed the chance to dive into it. Also, you'll have the opportunity to benefit from cheap flights and see a lot of Europe, too!
  15. Ah yes, Europe on the doorstep is a definite bonus! ;)