UK vachetta cleaners/conditioners

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  1. Hi lvoers!

    I know lovin my bags is great for vachetta but it's American. I was just wondering if there's an easily obtainable cleaner and/or conditioner for vachetta in the UK? I'm aware there's a brand called "loving my bags" in the UK but it's not the same thing.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. No one? :rain:
  3. Thanks everyone.

    My bag is a 2008 Tivoli. She's pre-loved and I love her honey colour but the handles are darker and I think she just needs some love.

    I spilt a bit of coffee on one of the handles the other day. I nearly died but was on public transport by myself, so couldn't flip out too much. I tried to get the excess off and then left it to the end of my journey. When I went to find the mark again, I couldn't see it! I was amazed. It looked so dark when I had just done it. I wondered if Mrs T (that's her name) was maybe a bit thirsty? :weird:

    So I want to condition the vachetta to make sure it's not all thirsty and dry and then protect her from the good old English rain. I think the products you guys have suggested should do the job.

    Can't wait to stop worrying at the sight of a rain drop! :panic:
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