UK Urbanoutfitters VS. US Urbanoutfitters

  1. I was looking for this UO cuckoo clock that was sold out. I decided to google it and came upon the UK UO. I can't believe at how much cuter everything was on taht website!!! I wish they shipped to the US :sad:

    Anybody know of how someone loike me from the US can get a hold of the things on the UK website!?
  2. I've wondered the same thing! Let me know if you find out!!
  3. Definately not cheaper right? I had no idea UO had locations in UK.
  4. i love urban outfitters, and when i was in new york i was so disappointed! it was no where near as good as here in the uk!
  5. It is WAY more expensive though!! :sad:
  6. It is way more expensive! great stuff though
  7. It is really great stuff :sad:
  8. Am I the only one who prefers the US version? lol. When I was in Florida I was like omg this UO has so much cool stuff! Over here I just can't find anything I want.
  9. Hahah I guess we all like things that aren't so accessible?? Since you are from the UK, you prefer the US UO, and us from the US prefer the UK UO. :p