uk twiggy prices

  1. matches london told me the twiggy was £700, is this right? seems so much more expensive than the us
  2. I don't know about the Twiggy but bags do seem to be more expensive in the UK. Remember that the VAT is 17.5% which is a bit chunk on something this price.
  3. I didn't know that Matches were stocking the Twiggy. They are selling the Step for £700 so maybe the person you spoke to is confused?
  4. Well Matches SA just told me they had a green suede Balenciaga from this new season, so i'm not sure they're 100% reliable!
  5. There is a khaki bag listed on the site at the moment so they probably mean that as it is greenish.

    I think that you have to get through to the person who deals with Balenciaga (I think this is the buyer) to get sense out of them. She seems knowledgable.
  6. matches phoned me to say they had a violet twiggy in but the SA i was dealing with wasn't there when i rang back . i asked them to double check it was a twig , they said it was and that the price was £700, maybe they are confused !
    think i'll stick to the Aloharag list, it works out as £540 ish from them
  7. I bought a twiggy from Harvey Nichols a couple of months ago and I think it was £605 or £620. (I try to forget the prices of previous purchases!!) I also bought a paprika city from AR last month and even though I paid £50 in duty to Fedex (they send you an invoice) it worked out cheaper than buying in the UK and I got the colour I wanted. Good luck.
  8. I asked them about the Twiggy when enquiring about another bag today and they said that they weren't selling it.
  9. well, i reckon they completely got it wrong then !
  10. it WAS a step they had , they phone me again today to see if i still wanted it, she described it to me as being wider at the bottom than the top, so i'm assuming its the step anyway.
    so, if anyone wants one, matches has it !
  11. Very nice - I got my Step from them.