UK TPFers wanting Iphones

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  1. i was talking to girl in O2 today who said that when the iphone is released in the UK only 30% of the country will have edge coverage! ridiculous.
    also in france it is illegal to tie in phones to networks so you can buy it in france and put any UK sim card in it.
    just thought i would share with you all.
  2. Thanks for the info!
    I don't know if i want a iphone yet or if i should just wait untill the next one comes out.
  3. Cant the iphone be used in EUROPE?
    I have one and I travel alot so Im curious!
  4. what about canadians *sniff*
  5. can be used, but you'll need to sign up for AT&T's international plans. With other GSM phones you can simply call AT&T and ask for them to be unlocked so you can use prepaid SIM cards over in Europe. You can't do that with the iPhone.
  6. Im intrigued to see it for sure, but I just couldnt get on with the Prada touch tone phone, so hope this one is better ;)
  7. Ive noticed the O2 adds on tv for the iphone. I think you have to sign a 2 yr contract am i right?
  8. They do look pretty cool but I think i'll stick to my sony ericsson's :jammin:
  9. yeah thats right. i get bored quickly so 2 years is too long for me. might make a trip to calais, wine and a new phone.
  10. Do you know when the iphone will be out in France? there must be a hitch of some sort, they cant be making it that easy for people to get it from france unlocked or everyone will do it.
  11. Thanks Annanas. I am going to Paris early December and had my hopes up to pick one up while I was there. Thought it might be too good to be true:rolleyes:

    By the way, someone asked about it requiring a two year contract? My DH spoke to 02 yesterday and they told him 18 months. Not a big difference, but thought I would mention it:shrugs:
  12. ^^^

    So there is still hope.:tup: I took that article to mean that Orange was exclusive (like only for purchase on Orange network) So you think you can still buy the iphones from an Orange phone shop in France and use your UK sim and provider? TIA:flowers:
  13. You cannot unlock iPhones. Technically, you can, but anytime you update the firmware or anything like that, it gets locked again.

    Have you guys looked into the HTC TyTn II??


    Admittedly it's not as sleek and pretty as the iPhone, but it's MUCH more advanced. It uses 3G (iPhone will use EDGE/GPRS), free GPS (unlike the iPhone). It has a touch interface similar to the iPhone (or use the tactile keyboard if needed). Infinitely expandable memory with Mini SD cards (once again..unlike the iPhone). A stable, developer friendly WM6 operating system with tons and tons of 3rd party available apps for it. It's unlockable too. Oh, and it should be about 100-200 bucks cheaper with a new contract. ;)