UK TPF meet anyone?

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  1. Anyone interested in going shopping one weekend and maybe some lunch?
  2. Ill make this a sticky for u!
  3. Sounds good to me - obviously it depends where and when.
  4. Oh yes, yes, yes! I'd love to - count me in!
  5. any further details, I could be interested but it depends on dates & location sorry I'm not trying to be difficult LOL
  6. If I can make it I would love to.
  7. yes! count me in. I'd love to :smile:
  8. Well where do you all live? I live in Brighton at the moment, but am willing to travel to I guess most of you would prefer London? Suggestions would be great for a date would be great, haven't really thought about when everyone is free etc
  9. I'm in London. Is everyone else in or close to London, or is everyone scattered about?
  10. Oxfordshire.
  11. ^ thats a nice idea, and what about some afternoon tea or something like that?
  12. I'm in London too but happy to travel - although the exhibition looks like a terrific idea and we could also take in the amazing new Selfridges 'Wonder Room' if anyone wanted to . . .?

  13. That would be so great, I haven't really had proper tea yet!
  14. sounds fun, count me in!