UK: To Air, ' Skinny Super Size Me' Movie !

  1. Channel 4 to air 'skinny' Super Size Me film

    28th September 2006

    [​IMG] The programme will feature extreme weightloss methods favoured by stars such as Victoria Beckham.

    Channel 4 is to screen a "super-skinny" version of hit documentary Super Size Me following a group of women as they attempt to crash diet to size zero.
    The "shock doc", to be aired later this year, will record their experiences as they try extreme weightloss methods favoured by stars such as Nicole Richie and Victoria Beckham.
    A Channel 4 spokesman said Super-Skinny Me: The Race To Size Zero would aim to expose the dangers behind extreme slimming in the same way that Super Size Me uncovered the horrifying side effects of a junk food diet.
    The growing fad for a size zero body often leads women to pop diet pills and cut their daily food intake to as little as a piece of fruit, a protein bar and a lettuce salad. The risks range from fatigue and excess body hair to serious conditions such as hormone disturbances, brain damage and heart failure.

  2. wait, they're going to have them doing coke and crystal meth on tv :wtf: ??? this should be interesting!
  3. ^ hahahahahhaa
  4. This sounds interesting..I'd watch it! then again last night I watched a docu about the real hannibal lecters and cannibalism. So I'll watch anything. O.T. and p.s. one of them is now doing porn in asia. I thought that was nice.
  5. was that the german cannibal? ooh and i watched when they dissected a man on tv, that was a bit yucky but really cool still.
  6. No he was also asian. There was one from Russia, Jeffrey Dahmer, and some other guy in the states as well as that Rugby team that crashed in the Andes. I always see those autopsy ones (HBO documentaries) but I can't watch those. I would faint.

    I love documentaries.
  7. So Channel 4 will be hiring Rachel Zoe to supply the women with Crystal Meth?